Martin men busted for pot, Adderall

Martin men busted for pot, Adderall

Two Martin men possessing both marijuana and generic Adderall were arrested on drug charges Wednesday.

According to an incident report released by the Martin Police Department, Ptl. Timothy Dolack received an anonymous complaint of illegal drug use activity occurring at 112 Volunteer Dr. Dolack responded to the call, spoke with the resident of the address and explained the complaint. 

The report stated that Dolack was then invited into the residence along with Pt. James Merrell and the officers smelled the odor of burnt marijuana in the living room. 

Ptl. Dolack then explained to the resident that he smelled the odor and inquired as to whether or not any more marijuana was in the residence. 

The resident stated he didn’t think so and then Dolack asked for permission to search the residence and received a written consent to do so. The resident also admitted to being on federal probation and was a rule 8 parole.

The report went on to state that before searching the residence, Ptl. Dolack advised all the subjects on the search and asked them if they had anything illegal on them. 

Bradley Vincent, 42, stated that he had a bag of marijuana in his pocket and handed it to Ptl. Dolack. The bag contained green plant material. A second subject, 47-year-old Rubbert Dean Jr., took approximately 10 pink pills out of his pocket and laid them on the table. According to the report, Dean admitted they were Adderall pills 20 mg and further stated he did not possess a valid prescription for the pills. 

Ptl. Dolack then searched the residence and did not locate any other contraband. He placed both Vincent and Dean under arrest for the offenses. 

While at the police department, both subjects were booked and released on criminals summons. Ptl. Dolack weighed the green plant material and it showed an approximate weight of 7.2 grams. Likewise, he verified the pills on a drug identification website and it showed them to be generic Aderol 20 mg. 

Vincent is being charged with Schedule VI drug violations and Dean is being charged with Schedule II drug violations.  

wcp 3/15/11

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