Greenbrier residents celebrate Mardi Gras

Greenbrier residents celebrate Mardi Gras

Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 8:02 pm

Each year Life Style Coordinator Jill Hart from Greenbrier Meadows Assisted Living in Martin brings Mardi Gras to Greenbrier. 

This year the ladies helped Hart decorate for this event. The decorating committee consisted of Ms. Eulene Bell (Mama Bell) and Ms. Rella Carp along  with Ms. Nell Hynds, Ms. Evelyn Payne, and  Ms. Sallie Pate. The ladies had a great time while they created a Mardi Gras atmosphere through out the building for their up coming Party. The next day was bleak and rainy outside but, inside it was bright and cheery! 

Everyone dressed in colorful clothing, crazy hats, and lots of beads that Hart brought in just for this occasion. 

They marched to the music of “In The Mood” and they were in the mood for a good time! Stephanie Krush placed residents Ms. Todd Evans and Ms. Nell Hynds in line for the parade. Ms. Evans said, “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything like this before!” Ms. Nell Hynds replied with a big smile, “Well…it’s never boring around here, Jill always has something fun!” They all agreed with a laugh as they took their place in line.

Chosen to lead this years Parade as king was Mr. R.C. Forrester and as queen was Ms. Sallie Pate. Mr. Forrester looked perfect, as the “Best Dressed King” for his part, he dressed in a turquoise and navy satin sport coat, Mardi Gras hat and gold, green and purple Mardi Gras Beads. He was paired perfectly with the queen (Ms. Sallie Pate) who wore a satin gown, feather boa, yellow crown, sparkling purple, yellow and green glasses. She also wore lots of colorful beads and she carried a unique baton. 

Together they led about 23 people carrying or playing assorted musical instruments while participating in the marching parade. 

The parade ended in the dining room just in time for a delicious Cajun lunch that was planned and prepared by the taff at Greenbrier (which also included homemade King Cake).  

Phyllis, Almenta Cole, Dan Garner, Stephanie Krush, Jill Hart, Joye White, Sallie Pate and Pam Bates entertained the Residents with dancing and singing while everyone enjoyed their lunch. Afterwards the residents shared lots of laughs watching the video of their parade and entertainment which was filmed for the residents’ enjoyment by Sequria Hamer (a U.T.M. Volunteer)  “They will be able to watch and enjoy these memories for years to come!” This event was a huge success. “Thanks to volunteers like Sequria Hamer, Family members like Dan Garner, an Intern like Stephanie Krush and all of the Great Staff at Greenbriers Meadows!” Hart said.

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