Dresden Duplicate Club

Dresden Duplicate Club

Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 8:02 pm
By: Toni Pritchett

Dresden Duplicate Bridge Club had two club events this week. Tuesday night we had our usual three tables. Kathy Chandler was hostess for the occasion and made two beautifully decorated strawberry cakes. Thinking there might be four or even five tables, she made the two cakes, and the few who were there really enjoyed them and the cashew nuts. After the game was over she had lots of cake left over and she invited all of us to take some home. Those cakes disappeared in a flash.

Winners were first Kathy Wilson and Butch Burion, second Linda Jennings and Becky Bennett and tied for third Reba Nell Brasfield, Jane Young, Diana Nerren and Margie Evans.
On Wednesday, five tables of players congregated to attack 25 challenging hands on this Club Championship Game. A sparseness of food was placed on the dining table. We always  have cheese and crackers and cashew nuts and Carol Ehlers of Paris always brings a delicious spinach dip this time with Pringles™. Another hit of the day was a bag of Ghiradelli™ squares. Everyone had a “sweet tooth”  about 3 in the afternoon.
Winners were first N/S  Carolyn Rogers and Ruthie Jenkins both of Paris, second N/S Toni  Pritchett and Dr. Bob Sanner – Sanner being from Union City and third N/S Tom Beard and Sarah Pentecost both of Dresden.  Other winners included first E/W Jo Glasgow and Serena Williams, of Union City, second E/W, Jackie Hohman and Carol Ehlers both, Paris and tied for third Reba Nell Brasfield and Jane Young, Dresden and Joni Martin and Sue Thompson  Paris..
Jacqueline Kennedy
Harry Truman’s daughter, Margaret, wrote a book about First Ladies. She is the one who said there was a precious relationship between Jackie and her husband. All of New York and Washington were full of rumors that before Jack Kennedy ran for President, Jackie had seriously considered divorcing him for his compulsive womanizing. Wifely devotion was not one of Jackie’s outstanding traits and you could hardly blame her.
All the Kennedy men, male chauvinists all, made no attempt to praise Jackie’s intelligence. In their eyes she was, like all women, in their lives strictly for relaxation. They all thought Jackie lacked brainpower. She proved them otherwise. We will see. 

wcp 3/15/11

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