A Crusader’s View

A Crusader’s View

Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 8:02 pm
By: Jeremy Thayer, Guest Columnist

“Japanese tragedy or American tragedy?”

Hello once again! On Friday, I awoke to a great and powerful tragedy in Japan. In case you haven’t heard there, was a massive earthquake with hundreds dead and devastation abounding. 

I was shocked by all of the flooding, fire, and tsunami destruction leaving would-be thousands of people displaced without shelter or power.  

I was equally as shocked when I began to seek out more info on my computer about what had happened on the other side of the world. 

In the midst of the standard news related fare, there were those by the hundreds (if not thousands) who instead of having words of condolence or sadness over what had happened to the people of Japan, they instead filled chat rooms, comment placeholders, and opinion boxes with words of rejoicing, perversity, and  hatred.

Among the literal thousands of inflammatory comments, there were those stating “They deserved it”, “The Japs killed all the whales, now they have Godzilla mad at them”, “It got the ones that Hiroshima didn’t”, “God is punishing them”, and “My interest rate will now go up…THANKS JAPAN!”  

There were loads of “colorful”, politically themed phrases along with terrible jokes about Japanese people and their culture. One commenter went so far as to post in all caps, “MOTHER NATURE HAS TO FLUSH ALL THE KRAP FROM TIME TO TIME, JUST LIKE THE KATRINA DISASTER IN LOUISIANA…!”

There were many more that I can’t even mention in this public forum. 

To begin to convey to you my disgust in all of this, I must tell you that I certainly am not a perfect person. I fail God and I have many flaws. But, to be truthful; in spite of all the sin and bad things I have ever done, I have never and I will never find enough “blind arrogance” to say an innocent group of people deserve to die or suffer. 

No matter what religion they hold to, or what nationality they are, or how they look; my mind, heart, and soul cannot comprehend “hating” a people and rejoicing over their deaths and/or other tragedy. 

There were mothers lamenting with the pangs of great loss, found alone without their children. There were children crying hysterically found without their parents. There were business owners left without homes crying in the streets. Yet, in our land of freedom there are those who find this funny! 

“Shameful” doesn’t even describe it. 

Now, don’t get me wrong…I am all for freedom of speech. I am not for censoring anyone, but there has always been a level of decorum in American culture. 

There has always been a common and mutually known “way to act.” The reason why I believe that we are losing such a level of acceptable behavior, especially in the sight of great loss is because America is losing its moral compass. 

Empathy is being lost to extreme apathy in our “New America of callousness.” 

Why? Matthew 24:12.

For those of you that don’t have a Bible handy, Jesus…

Yes I did use “Bible” and “Jesus” in the same sentence.

Jesus was talking to his disciples about the “End of the age” and he said…

“Matthew 24:12   And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

The truth is, unless you are too blind to see; people’s hearts are turning cold because of all the turmoil and sinful actions carried out throughout the world today. 

He also said in just two verses earlier:       

“Matthew 24:10   And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.” 

How much more murder, crime, drug use, rape, and pedophilia has there been in America in just the last 40 years? 

Speaking of morality, in my childhood; I remember when they would edit movies on television to the point that they were nonsensical. Yet today, some of those edited words are played over and over on just about every children’s program in existence. 

Blood and gore were never shown, yet today they have entire series devoted to death, murder, realistic graphic violence, and serial killers. Sitcoms many times were co-written by people with education doctorates years ago, yet today every, and I mean EVERY networked sitcom is filled with sexual innuendo, and words like B***h, D**K, and A**. 

Momma Walton would be furious.

In closing, the point I am trying to make with all of this is, America is becoming a place of carnality and sensationalism and not an example of Christ-like goodness to our neighbor.

The people of Japan need dire help.  Case closed.

We should be willing to help them and not harm with malice or a tongue of hatred, because that is what Americans do.

Please pray for the people of Japan and pray for America as well.  

We all need it…badly.

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