Dresden Duplicate Club

Dresden Duplicate Club

Posted: Friday, March 11, 2011 8:01 pm
By: Toni Pritchett

Dresden Duplicate Bridge Club gathered at the American Legion Building on Wednesday, March 2. We had players from Martin, Union City, Paris, Milan and Dresden. We missed Minnie Bess Williams from Paris. She is our 96-year-old player who won first place last week and many weeks. She had a sciatic nerve problem with her leg. We still had 16 players ready to enter the wonderful, exciting and challenging game of bridge.

Many edible dishes adorned the table with cheese, cheese balls, assorted crackers, a platter of crudités and that delicious BLT dip and onion cheese dip. Then there was a platter of muffins made from pecan pie mix and a tray of peach nut muffins made from frozen peaches. So good.

Winners were first place Freddye Oliver, U. C, and Toni Pritchett; second place Carol Ehlers and Jackye Hohman, Paris  and third place Ruthie Jenkins and Carolyn Rogers.

Jacqueline Bouvier 


We all know her as Jackie.

She viewed the First Lady job with dread. White House reporter Helen Thomas was amazed to discover that Jackie hated crowds, abhorred the political handshake, and avoided official White House functions as often as possible. She said she felt like a moth on a window pane. She also hated her title – she claimed it made her sound like a saddle horse. With her elevation to First Lady, she became even more elusive, more secretive, more dramatic.
Among her close friends she was never shy; on the contrary, she had always been talkative, witty, and with men, more than a little flirtatious. She did wicked impersonations of everyone from the Queen of England to her own husband whose Massachusetts accent and chopping hand motions she imitated perfectly.
Someone had remarked to the paper that she had spent $45,000 a year on clothes.
“I couldn’t do that without wearing sable underwear,” she said.  When Jack saw this on  the front page of The New York Times, he exclaimed, “That is the last thing Jackie’s going to say in this campaign.  

To be continued… “Jackie considering divorce”

wcp 3/10/11

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