Martin Elementary School News

Martin Elementary School News

Posted: Wednesday, March 9, 2011 12:01 am

The fourth grade is proud to welcome Mrs. April’s new student, Samantha Anderson! Welcome to Martin Elementary!                                                          

Ms. Katie’s fifth-grade class would like to congratulate Shelley Rowlett and Alexis Shanklin on winning blue ribbons in the 4-H county speaking contest at the Dresden Elementary School. Ms. Julie would also like to congratulate Christene Spencer on being one of the finalists at the speech contest. Also, Fran Castro and Reilley Ford won the cheerleading contest in Florida. Tanner Owensby’s brother is coming home from the army in March. Plus, Jada Briggs is Mrs. Julie’s January S.T.A.R student. Tanner’s brother is on a mission in Afganistan and Allie’s sister is joining the National Guard. Along with Ms. Julie’s Class, Mrs. Deanna’s class is very excited about the upcoming Science Fair. In Mrs. Mary Lee’s class, they would like to congratulate Alexis Campbell, which won a red ribbon in the speech contest. They would also like to thank all of those that made their Valentine’s party a great success. “We appreciate it very much!” says her class. Ms. Jessica’s class had a wonderful time making edible maps! They made some delicious dough and formed it into the shape of Tennessee. They labeled major cities with multi-colored M&M’s™, separated grand divisions and placed rivers with Twizzlers™, and also formed the dough to make the Appalachian Mtns. But the best part was when they ate it!  Mrs. Mindy’s class would like to Congratulate Ginger Blair for representing their class in the county 4-H speech contest.

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