A Crusader’s View

A Crusader’s View

Posted: Wednesday, March 9, 2011 8:01 pm
By: Jeremy Thayer, Guest Columnist


Hello once again! It has been a long time since I have written and you are probably wondering, why?

The reason ‘why,’ as of late, I have not interjected any of my opinions is because I wanted to wait. What I mean by waiting is – waiting until peoples’ tempers simmered down; waiting until the daily bombardment of rhetoric changed, and waiting until people began to focus on the REAL issues.

Today, people are taking down their shields and arms and beginning to ask real questions about life-altering situations, regardless of someone’s party affiliation or stance on things that pale in comparison to the pressing issues of today.

Those REAL issues that people are now embracing are wide-spread unemployment, massive debt and rising fuel and commodity prices. 

I too, in times past have been caught up in all of the futile see-saw battle, but now, I can think of no greater critical American issues than these.

To be truthful, I must tell you that today’s problems are not caused by Barack Obama, although he is still doing his best to attribute to them. Today’s problems are not the fault of the Democrats, Republicans or the Tea Partiers. Even though each one has a finger to point and not a lasting solution to be found. 

Neither are they the fault of Glenn Beck, Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart or any other propagator of radical sensationalism, for profit I must add. 

No, the bulk of America’s dire problems have been caused by an incremental cancerous sore that started with a finger prick. 


There I said it. 

The “New Deal” of Roosevelt, a governmental assistance program made in response to America’s darkest economic crisis; morphed into LBJ’s “Great Society” and was expanded by Ford and Nixon to the monstrosity that it is today. 

To convey history, the 30s “New Deal” was seen far and wide as a shameful thing. It was a method of absolute last resort for the poorest of the poor to partake in its governmental provisions. And to tell you about that time, people who took part had better had been orphaned or widowed or you would face public ridicule or even violence against you.

Then came the 60s and the so-called “Great Society” and “Food Stamp Act of 1964” and with it came a change of culture. Increasingly, it became a “methodology of normalcy” to partake in governmental assistance. 

Suddenly, what was hailed as a “dire option” became “A right.” And with that, the entire climate of America began to slowly change for the worse.

Today, most young people think that a job is a “right.” They think that food, clothing and shelter are all “rights” endowed to us by our government and not something that you work for, something you EARN.  

I would urge many of today’s youth to interview those soon-to-be displaced workers (this side of a miracle) at Goodyear, and ask them, “Did you EARN your job?”  They would give you a hearty YES, and maybe even smack your jaws in disgust.

Today’s entitlement culture is why America is beginning to break apart. 

For example, as we have already seen, people thought they were entitled to the big, fancy house they couldn’t afford. They made many banks fail by defaulting on their mortgages. This in turn, made thousands of people lose their jobs and today makes it harder for industries to create jobs. 

Simply put, if banks can’t loan, businesses can’t be formed and people can’t find jobs to buy the homes that people defaulted on in the first place!  

People think they are entitled to gas-guzzling, super-extended-sized trucks and SUV’s, so they somewhat drive up the price of fuel, making everything you buy at the store higher. 

Freight movers need fuel, fuel goes higher and you pay more. Now, I’m not talking about farmers and industrial workers who need bigger vehicles. I’m talking about those who see “bigger everything” as a right!

Bigger televisions, bigger and better phones, better electronics, better pay, better benefits, more, more, MORE!!!


There has been such an outcry for “more!” that it has stifled the call of “from where?” 

Until now, our entitlement culture has vilified and portrayed those who say “from where” as evil and corrupt. Tell me, is it evil to look at the cliff and the “do not enter” sign down the road and warn the passengers?

People need to fully realize that with all this hand-out, comes massive, hemorrhaging debt. And as a result of America’s trillions in debt, there has already been talk among the nations of this world of dropping the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

If this happens, overnight America’s entitlement culture will become a culture of chaos and possibly violence, just as it has been in Greece as well as other cash-strapped nations. 

I pray that this plan is not carried out.

In closing, Americans need to learn once again to be American. We are not of the substance of other countries, where government is king and we must all bow before it. No. We are American! Where people look to the power of mutual kinship and Almighty God to defeat its giant foes! 

We are not plastic. We are not electronic or robotic wards of the state. We breathe the life’s breath of liberty! 

“Entitlement” is for caged animals, waiting on the grace of the zoo keeper for their next meal. We are Americans and we will overcome!

My book “Melody and the BIG meet” is STILL available at Amazon.com and on Kindle! Watch me on YouTube! 

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