Dresden Duplicate Club

Dresden Duplicate Club

Posted: Friday, March 4, 2011 2:44 pm
By: Toni Pritchett

   Tuesday night at the American Legion Building in Dresden the bridge club met. A fresh lemon cake was served as the dessert for the evening to 12 fun-loving bridge players. The ladies enjoyed the bridge, although some of them bid four slams and failed to make a single one!!!  (trumps being stacked). Diana Nerren of South Fulton was the hostess for this game. She served the cake with an assortment of nuts.
Winners for this event were first place Alma Ford and Becky Bennett; second place Bertha Henry and Reba Nell Brasfield and third place Joann Campbell and Kathy Chandler.
The following afternoon, the Dresden Club met and with the threat of bad weather we were excited and pleased to have five tables.
Minnie Bess Williams made a birthday cake for Lois Harbour. So, the red velvet cake was enjoyed by all 20 participants. We had a platter of cheese and a platter of cream cheese covered with red pepper jelly and  an assortment of crackers and nuts and good hot coffee. Oh yes, Carol Ehlers also brought a delicious chocolate pie.
Winners were first place N/S-Bob Sanner of Union City and Toni Pritchett of Dresden, second place N/S-Ruthie Jenkins and Carolyn Rogers, both of Paris and third place N/S-Jack Bogue of Milan and Freddye Oliver of Union City. E/W  winners were first place Minnie Bess Williams of  Paris and Lois Harbour of Union City (They had a 76 percent game, which is fantastic in the world of bridge), second place E/W-Joni Martin and Carol Ehlers both of Paris and third place Sue Thompson and Sharon Fields of Paris.



Jacqueline Kennedy
Today for our First Ladies, I am going to talk about one of our most beautiful First Ladies. I haven’t mentioned her before, but now it is time.
Jacqueline was beautiful, dedicated, elegant and glamorous. If Americans were fascinated with her, the rest of the world went fairly berserk over Jackie. In Venezuela, communist protestors held up a sign reading, “Kennedy No Jacqueline Yes.” Even the communist bloc ate her up:  Of the 100 or so countries that aired her televised tour of the White House, several were behind the Iron Curtain. She charmed the pants off of Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. She became the first incumbent first lady to have an audience with the pope.  

wcp 3/03/11

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