Deed transfers

Deed transfers

Posted: Friday, March 4, 2011 12:02 am

* James Paul Perkins to Dwight and Peggy Edwards

* Billy R. and Robin Hepler to Russell Gilliam

* Charles F. and Rosetta McWherter to Mark and Rebecca Lister

* Larry, Richard, Bryan and Nicholas Kelly and Kelly Properties to John and Susan Collins

* Charles Wesley Kellough and Susan M. Bryant to Charles Wesley Kellough and Susan M. Bryant

* Community Action Network to Robert H. Pettit

* Bobby, Sr. and Junie Knight to Bobby, Jr. and Michelle Knight

* James C. and Erin Joy Bragg to Shelby Jean Gammons

* Nancy and Dennis Mires, Diane Mires Copeland, Daniel, Roy H. Heirs and Martha Dean Heirs Mires to Martha Vanmeter

* Clark Cantrell to Gerald D. and Brenda R. Cantrell

* Tony and Linda Walker to James and Melani Yarbro

* Kenneth Dale and Lula Ann Casey to Daniel Jarred

* Mark C. Atkins to T & T LLC, T&T LLC and T AND T LLC

* 1608268 ONT LTD to Anthony D. and Shaunda A Snider

* Ray Elliott to Kenneth and Gloria Hogan

* Judy Bailey to Sheldon and Melody Toews

* H.J. Legens to Connie J. and Sandra K. Roudenbush

* Bank of Gleason to Jackie and Patricia Ann Laird

* Rachel K. Paschall to Dossey C. Cribbs Sr. Living Trust and Cribbs Dossey C. Sr. Living Trust

* Edward and Sherrill White to Gloria Hogan

* Randall L. Potts to Donald Milton Foust

* Valerio and Lorena Aguilar to Hunter and Dawn Dyer

* Jorge Fabian Pascual to Lynn Howell

* Green Tree Servicing to Misty Laird

* Keith L. and Linda C. Cusac to Ricky D. and Lisa Curry

* Kenneth D. and Susan D. Fritz Taylor to Eric L. and Robert S. Owen

* Debbie Turner to Billy J. and Laura J. Barlow

* Equity Trust Company, Jason Bates IRA, Bates Jason IRA, Amy Bates IRA and Bates IRA to Donald L. Perkins and Michael Lynn Johnson

* Maggie Estelle Bowden, Maggie Estelle Bowden Trust and Bowden Maggie Estelle Trust to Donald L. Perkins and Michael Lynn Johnson

* William F. Gaia to Terry D. Nanney

* Gloria Hogan to Jordan Owens

* U.S. Bank National Association to Jamion S. Shelton

* Andrew Hunter and Eleanore Frances Holt to Jerry A. and Gayle A. Neumann

* Michael A. and Gina L. Pflueger to Joseph Kyle and Teressa Faulkner

* Guinn Ann A., Ann A. Guinn Trust and Guinn Ann A. Trust to Valeriano and Lorena Aguilar

* Marilyn C. Wilson to Diana L. Harris 

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