Discovery Park of America unveils new logo

Discovery Park of America unveils new logo

Posted: Thursday, March 3, 2011 9:09 pm
By: Glenda Caudle, Special Features Editor

Discovery Park of America unveils new logo | Discovery Park of America unveils new logo

Special Features Editor
“Someone asked me what the new Discovery Park of America logo represents,” says Mary Nita Bondurant. “This is what I replied: ‘I think the new logo evokes imagination … wonder. It was based on the kaleidoscope concept of discovery.
“So, what is it?  It isn’t anything … and yet, it is a kaleidoscope, a splat, a color palette, a dinosaur footprint squished, part of the ocean, part of the sky, colorful old cars, an object in space. But, most importantly — of all the images we considered — it is a spark for the imagination. It seems to indicate something exciting, adventurous and unique. It is fun!”
Mrs. Bondurant, a member of the DPA board of directors and chairman of the Marketing Committee, presented the logo created by Delevante Creative in Nashville to the DPA board recently and received the go-ahead to begin using the colorful icon in a variety of ways to showcase the project.
Architectural plans for the multi-million dollar educational-entertainment-tourism complex were submitted Monday by Verner Johnson & Associates, Museum Architects and Planners in Boston, and local contractor Allen Searcy Builder Contractor will be seeking bids from subcontractors over the next few weeks. The project, which was first unveiled in 2007, is poised to move firmly ahead, with new work on the 50-acre site to begin soon in Union City’s northwest quadrant, across Everett Boulevard from Union City Second Baptist Church and bordered on the opposite side by I-69 construction.
Mike Delevante, who has worked with the marketing committee for many months as the DPA project has moved through changes, notes that logos are seldom “stand-alone” statements. Most often, he says, they are part of a creative execution with multiple components, such as photos or text. A logo contains the name of the entity, but it doesn’t tell — nor should it attempt to tell — the whole story.
Noting the common theme of “See Beyond” selected by those driving DPA’s emergence as a world-class venue, Delevante said his creative team took into account that the project would work toward stirring the imagination to a common goal of wonder and delight by offering a wide array of exhibits and attractions. These are being planned by local volunteers with an interest in the project and a commitment to its completion. Thinc Design™, an exhibit design company in New York, is working on ideas to best present those plans and Maltbie-Museum Management/Exhibits of New Jersey will be constructing them. 
Larry Snider, DPA’s marketing director, commented during the early days of logo development that one of Delevante’s ideas reminded him of a kaleidoscope. The team decided to expand that concept and realized that it captured both simplicity and depth.
Says Delevante: “The result of our exploration was this logo: a burst of primary colors, formed into a unique and interesting shape with patterned swirls that creates depth. It potentially has many meanings, but its main intent is to convey wonder, joy, depth, excitement … and discovery.”
“I believe a kaleidoscope-inspired logo is spot-on for Discovery Park of America,” says Snider. “Kaleidoscopes utilize the science of optics but people find them very interesting and lots of fun. Discovery Park is being designed much like a kaleidoscope, using many concepts of science in a fun and entertaining way. In addition, Discovery Park will be a kaleidoscope for visitors … a dramatic and entertaining view of science, history, nature and art. I think the new logo will be very useful in helping communicate the visitor experience that people can expect at Discovery Park.”
The Robert E. and Jenny D. Kirkland Foundation is providing major funding for the exciting DPA project.
The Union City entrepreneur says he is delighted to be seeing his dream of a showplace for discovery — one that will not only enlarge the vision and the future of local children and youth and their families but will also draw the world to their community to share in a variety of delights — become a reality in his hometown. Kirkland adds that February proved to be an exciting month for those with an interest in DPA and the selection of a colorful and imaginative logo is further proof that the project is moving forward with energy, enthusiasm and determination.
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