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Posted: Wednesday, March 2, 2011 8:01 pm
By: Jessica Teal, Activities Director

By Jessica Teal

Activities Director

This month was filled with parties and the crowning of our 2011 Valentine’s King and Queen. The dining room was decorated with all different hanging hearts from the ceiling and all different shapes and colors of hearts on the walls. The tables were done with red tablecloths and pink rose petals.

On the day of the party, the dining room was filled with residents and family members. Food served for the party was sandwiches, chips, dips, cookies, a cake, Valentine’s candy and Jell-O™ delight. We even had several family members bring food for the party. When we got through eating we crowned Connie Powell as king and Bonnie Jacobs as queen. 

Everyone had a great time.

Another big party was our Mardi Gras in Martin! We decorated the dining room with feathered masks and purple, green and yellow decorations. Even the tables were done up with decorations. 

Residents were given beads and a choice of hats or masks to wear. We had a big time partying in Martin!!!

Some of our regular activities this month were the popcorn socials on Mondays. 

That’s always a favorite when the smell of butter fills the halls. We played Uno™ and Doris Maassen came in first and Sandra Winston was second. The doll show was a big hit. Vivian Hubbard, Eunice Young, Sandra Winston, Elizabeth Flowers, Bonnie Jacobs, Delores Perry and Mattie Crawley all brought some of their favorite dolls to show off.

For arts and crafts this month we made Valentine’s door decorations, a pin to wear for February and we started on St. Patrick’s Day decorations for the rooms. We also had a spa day where we did our hair and makeup for the women before the Valentine’s party.

The monthly Bingo winners were Vivian Hubbard, Wayne Reynolds, Delores Perry, Eunice Young, Connie Powell, Joy Cavender, Elizabeth Flowers, Sandra Winston, Fred Jones and Mea Wheeler. The Yahtzee™ winners were Effie Wilson, Arthur Davis, Donald Gant, Elizabeth Flowers and Margaret Plunk.

Our residents and staff would like to give a big thanks to all the volunteers and especially the UTM football team for volunteering their time to come and talk with our residents. We really have enjoyed them.

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