Activities in the Lighthouse Community

Activities in the Lighthouse Community

Posted: Wednesday, March 2, 2011 8:01 pm
By: Jessica Teal, Activities Director

By Jessica Teal

Activities Director

In the month of February, we enjoyed old activities as well as new activities. One activity we participated in was National Snack Food Month. We held our own snack food auction. I gave each resident $100 bills in play money to purchase items at the auction. The first item up for auction was an oatmeal cake. “Who give me $100 for it?” I asked. No one raised a hand. So, I moved on to the next, which was a honey bun. I still got the same response. I asked Mrs. Susan Campbell why no one would purchase any items. She smiled and replied, “I’m not paying $100 for no snack cake.” Then it all made sense. Apparently my cakes were priced too high. I laughed and explained to them that it was play money. They all laughed, after a while started buying the snacks. Next time, I will give them $1 instead.

Another activity we had was our Valentine’s Day party and the announcement of king and queen. I decorated the dining room for the event. 

The mood was set with old love songs playing in the background. A drawing was held to decide this year’s king and queen. Mr. Ralph Hughey won by a landslide with 34 votes as our king and Ms. Geneva Vickers won as our queen. Our last year’s king, Mr. MG Carpenter stepped down as king and passed his crown to the new king. In honor of the late Mrs. Georgette Smith, last year’s queen, I placed the tiara on Ms. Vickers. She was so surprised. Everyone had a great time. 

In arts and crafts, we celebrated National Birdfeeder Month. We made our own birdfeeders. Each resident was given a pinecone. On the pinecone, we spread peanut butter with spoons. We then rolled the pinecone in cereal. After everyone finished, I took the birdfeeders outside and placed them in trees for the birds. Although it was a messy activity, we had fun.

This month we had only two birthdays to celebrate. Mrs. Jane Lovett turned 76 on Feb. 8 and Ms. Geneva Vickers turned 91 on Feb. 22. Happy birthday to both ladies, and wishing you many more. Since there were only two birthdays, each resident had his or her own party. We all had a great time at both parties. 

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