Dresden Duplicate Club

Dresden Duplicate Club

Posted: Friday, February 25, 2011 8:01 pm
By: Toni Pritchett

Dresden Duplicate Bridge Club had a most bravado number of players in our game Wednesday afternoon at 12:30 playing at The American Legion Building in Dresden, and what fun we did have.  I, the director was playing with a gentleman, Butch Burion who lives in McKenzie. He and his wife Anita moved down here to McKenzie from St. Louis. They said that expenses down here are much less than up there, houses are less, cars, bridge, food, etc.  They love it.  He is a learned player.
     While playing 28 hands, we were able to nibble on cheese and crackers, pimento and fruit cheese, hot popcorn and nuts, Wasabi Peas and Gourmet English Toffee, raisin cookies, coffee and Cokes.
     The winners of this event were 1st-Carol Ehlers and Sharon Fields of Paris, 2nd-Gene Fulks and Ruthie Jenkins of Paris and tied for 3rd-Tom Beard and Sarah Pentecost and Butch Burion and Toni Pritchett.
    Back to our Narrative on Abigal Adams  – Wife of President John Adams.

Being the wife of a president turned out to be far more to Abigail’s liking than being the wife of a Vice President.  Though illness forced her to miss her husband’s inauguration as president March 4, 1797, she soon joined him in Philadelphia and with trepidation, she stepped into Martha Washington’s shoes.
   About 3 a.m. Saturday morning in June 2, 1775, Abigail was awakened by the sound of cannon fire in the distance.  She at once awakened her seven year old son, John Quincy, and took him to the top of Penn’s Hill behind the Adams farm, so she could see the battle being fought between America and British soldier’s over Breed’s Hill and Bunker’s Hill.  She told Johnny that he could tell his children and grandchildren when he grew up what he saw.  “The Battle of Bunker Hill”

There is so much more about Abigail Adams, perhaps in another column at another time.  Remember – this is when the Capitol was in Philadelphia.  They had not moved to Washington, so more about that later on.  Do you all know who John Quincy, her seven year old son is?

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