Herron says he’s fighting for seniors’ right to vote

Herron says he’s fighting for seniors’ right to vote

State Senator Roy Herron (D-Dresden) said he fought legislation last week that would make voting harder for seniors, including veterans and the disabled. 

“Voting is the most fundamental American right, yet this legislation takes away that right from some of our most cherished and vulnerable citizens,” Herron said. “Our seniors, disabled, and military veterans should be able to vote without big government roadblocks.” 

Under Senate Bill 16, even seniors and veterans would be stopped from voting unless they had a government photo identification card. Herron offered amendments that would have protected the voting rights of seniors, the disabled and other Tennesseans.

Hundreds of thousands Tennesseans of voting age do not have a government photo ID card. Two-thirds of Tennessee’s counties don’t even have places to obtain such cards. 

“Seniors who no longer have a driver license shouldn’t have to pay a modern-day poll tax by having to drive to another county for a special government card to vote,” Herron said. 

“We should never deprive honest senior citizens of the right to vote that so many of them fought for.” The House version of the bill is currently in a subcommittee. Herron represents Benton, Decatur, Henry, Henderson, Lake, Obion, Perry, Stewart, and Weakley Counties. Contact him at sen.roy.herron@capitol.tn.gov or (615) 741-4576 or 309 War Memorial Building, Nashville, TN 37243-0024. 

wcp 2/22/11

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