Fulton County student places first in regional academic competition

Fulton County student places first in regional academic competition

Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 1:45 pm

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This is Samantha Bing’s first time competing for the Academic Team at Fulton County (Ky.) Middle School.
They usually say “third time’s the charm” but, in her case, “first time’s the charm.”
Miss Bing competed in the Language Arts Assessment at the regional level of the Governor’s Cup, earning first-place honors recently.
Not only is it her first time competing, it is also the first time a student from FCMS has placed at the regional competition in the Governor’s Cup in any event.
Miss Bing earned the right to compete at the regional level by taking third place last month when the 2011 Governor’s Cup district competition was held at FCMS. The regional competition took place in Murray, Ky.
After taking the approximately one-hour assessment test, Miss Bing went home. She received word earlier this month that she had placed first with a score of 35.
“We are so very proud of her,” said her mother, Pam Bing.
“I like language arts,” said a quiet and shy Miss Bing. “I didn’t do a lot of extra studying for the assessment test except for what we did for the quick recall part of the competition.”
Students in grades 5-8 make up the academic team.
“A lot of what I know about books, Latin and French, I learned in Mrs. Beth McWhirt’s class when I was in seventh grade,” Miss Bing said. “It takes a lot of memorization because you are asked to perform a variety of translations.”
“I am incredibly proud of Samantha, as well as all of the students who competed at the district and regional levels,” Mrs. McWhirt said. “Samantha is a voracious reader and I am so pleased that she has been recognized for all her hard work and efforts.”
Miss Bing does plan on studying a little more to prepare for the state competition March 12-14 in Lexington, Ky.
Out of 18 schools, Fulton County Middle School placed 10th overall during the regional competition.
Editor’s note: Charlotte Smith is editor of The Hickman (Ky.) Courier.

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