The School Zone

The School Zone

Posted: Friday, February 18, 2011 8:01 pm
By: Randy Frazier, Director of Schools

The Weakley County School System is currently focusing on strategies to improve the graduation rate in our high schools. Our system has been targeted for not achieving the Graduation Rate benchmark to meet Adequate Yearly Progress. 

A 90 percent graduation rate is the target goal. From 2008-2010, our graduation rates have continually decreased. There are many variables that impact these statistics. Rather than making excuses for not meeting graduation rates, we must address our problems and seek solutions to correct them. 

The graduation rate for our students is unacceptable. 

Not receiving a high school diploma is a prescription for lifelong poverty in our global economy. 

The economic impact when students do not meet graduation requirements is felt throughout our county. 

We must make a concerted effort involving all stakeholders to correct this problem.

Our school system must take a progressive approach in addressing this issue. We must consider nontraditional strategies concerning scheduling of courses and individualizing credit opportunities for students. 

Technology resources must be utilized to broaden credit options for at-risk students. 

In addition, literacy must become the focus of every teacher regardless of the subject area taught. 

The number one predictor for a student’s probability of completing high school is their reading achievement level as an incoming freshman. 

Struggling readers are high-risk candidates for dropping out of school. Educators must make a concentrated effort to track the academic progress of every student. 

Improving graduation rates will require commitment and sacrifice from every student. Each child must take responsibility for his or her academic performance. 

Receiving a high school diploma under the Tennessee Diploma Project is a challenging task. All students are required to take more rigorous courses with an emphasis placed on math and science. 

Academic performance must become each student’s priority during his or her high school tenure. Students must dedicate more time for studying and completing coursework. 

Children must realize that their future successes depend upon receiving a high school diploma.

Parental involvement is critical in ensuring that children meet graduation requirements. 

Parents must take an active role in monitoring their child’s academic progress. 

The importance of completing coursework and receiving a high school diploma must be reinforced at home. 

Teaming with your local school to support and monitor your child’s progress toward receiving their high school diploma should become a priority for all parents. 

Improving the graduation rate for Weakley County students will require continued support from all citizens. 

A quality school system must be a priority in our county. 

The economic future of our county depends upon the success of our school system. 

During these tough economic times, we must make funding our children’s education a priority. Our children’s future and the future of Weakley County depend upon it.  

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