Award-winning Slovenian artists exhibit at Dyersburg State

Award-winning Slovenian artists exhibit at Dyersburg State

Posted: Friday, February 18, 2011 8:01 pm

Walk past the painting of Napoleon and you’ll swear that his eyes are following you. 

Seated airplane passengers appear to pitch back and forth on another canvas.

These are not images from a scary movie, but two of 13 works soon to be on exhibit at Dyersburg State Community College.

“Fw: Re: Zek,” an exhibit featuring the paintings of nine artists based in Slovenia, will be on display February 15 through March 1 in the Learning Resource Center of the Dyersburg campus. 

On March 2 the exhibit will travel to the DSCC Jimmy Naifeh Center at Tipton County where it will be on display until March 4. 

This unique exhibit is made possible through DSCC membership in Tennessee Consortium for International Studies (TnCIS). 

TnCIS is a statewide program representing 19 colleges and universities in Tennessee. Its mission is to promote international education and cultural understanding.

According to information provided by TnCIS, the paintings are unique, and so are the artists. The young painters are all former graffiti and street artists who are part of a creative collective known as the Zek Crew. Formed in Slovenia in 2001, the Zek Crew members turned their talents for street graffiti into a design cooperative. The Crew counts among its members graphic and industrial designers, typographers, illustrators, an architect and a VJ.

The Zek Crew is best known for its award-winning internet comic generator, the Stripgenerator. In 2009, Zek Crew was recognized for its custom-made billboards, winning the prestigious Grand Brumen Award at the Fourth Biennial of Slovene Visual Communication. 

The members have been the focus of numerous exhibitions and graffiti events across Europe, including Italy’s Biennale of Young Artists in 2008 and Belgrade Design Week in 2009.

And what about those roving eyes and swaying passengers? The works on exhibit are printed on “lenticular” panels that give the illusion of animation to otherwise static images. The concept is best described as “dynamic posters” or “interactive pictures.” Anyone familiar with the old-fashioned prizes in Cracker Jack snack boxes or who has seen the Rolling Stones’ tongue logo has witnessed the lenticular effect at work. 

The Zek Crew brings that process to the art of painting. 

The “Fwd: Re: Zek” exhibit was housed this past spring at the Embassy of Slovenia in Washington, D.C. 

The exhibit is free and open to the public.

 Classes of art students are invited to attend as well.   

For more information, please contact DSCC Vice President Mary Ann Sellars at 731/286-3322 or

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