20th century club meets

20th century club meets

Posted: Friday, February 18, 2011 8:01 pm

The Twentieth Century Club met on Friday, Feb. 11, at the Weldon Library with 15 members and one guest present. 

Members were greeted by hostesses Gail Smith and Marita Harding, who served a delicious Valentine themed party plate.  

The guest speaker, Hobart Beale, was introduced by Mary Elizabeth Bell. Beale is a life-long native of Martin, taking time away for dental and medical schools and a stint in the Army. Beale entertained us with some history of Martin and stories of several incidents in his practice of medicine, one being receiving a jar of blackberry jam for making a night time house call.

Vice-President, Joy Adams, opened the meeting in the absence of the president; the Collect was read in unison and reports given by the secretary and treasurer.  The Club gave a fond farewell to member Barbara Hyland, who will soon be relocating to New Mexico.

After a short business meeting, the Club was adjourned so advantage could be taken of the beautiful afternoon.

Submitted for Violet Harding by Joy Adams

wcp 2/17/11

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