Greenfield Senior Center News

Greenfield Senior Center News

Posted: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 8:01 pm
By: Brian Sullivan, Special to The Press

Greenfield Senior Center News | Greenfield Senior Center

Susie Walker and Billy Godwin

The seniors of Weakley County have a place to socialize. The Greenfield Senior Center is not only helpful to the senior citizens of Greenfield but also to the whole community. The mission of the senior center is to make each and every senior feel his or her worth; to know he or she is loved, and for all seniors to know that they are always welcome. The center strives to create an atmosphere of concern for the seniors’ need of fellowship, as well as their physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Members of the Senior Center staff work with the community and other agencies to obtain sources of help and information for all seniors. The center reaches out to minister to the seniors and benefit from the seniors who provide experience and wisdom from their life experiences. The center has an average of 15 seniors a day. They can handle more senior citizens: however, most people are not aware of the center and its intentions. The center offers companionship and games for the seniors, including dominoes, rook and other card games, and puzzles. There is also a television for the seniors to watch the news and other shows for entertainment. There are also nights on which the seniors travel to dances to get exercise through dancing, to meet new people, and to enjoy the music. The center provides other ways for seniors to get exercise.

 An interview with Mr. Randy Potts, the city recorder, revealed how the current state of the economy has hurt the senior center greatly. United Way has reduced funds for the center because of the harsh economy. The senior center once was receiving $3,500 a year, but now it only receives $936 a year. Now instead of $292 a month to pay for food and supplies, the center only receives $78 a month, severely limiting the center’s abilities to do special things for the seniors and the community.The center rents out their building to bring in some extra money, but the funding is just not sufficient to support the supplies they need. The main tool used by the center is a van that is maintained by funds from United Way. This van is a taxi of sorts. It delivers congregate meals and transports seniors to and from the center. With the change in budget and the increase in gas prices, the center is having trouble paying to keep the van on the road. The center has occasional day trips to let the seniors get out and mingle; however, without the necessary funds these trips could be cut. The third Wednesday of the month, the center hosts a potluck luncheon. They host this ten to eleven times a year, and United Way funds pay for the groceries and supplies. Wednesday, Dec. 15, the center played host to over 65 people according to Billy Godwin. Mr. Godwin runs and takes care of the senior center. There are generally close to 80 people in attendance. Now with the change in funds, the center needs help. Jennifer Wood a United Way representative provided a computer for the center so the seniors can get online. 

Volunteers are needed to cook, clean, or drive, and donations are always welcome. Donations, from money to food and other supplies, not only show your support for the center, but these funds also will keep the center open and doing its job aiding the seniors. Volunteers get a Christmas lunch to show how thankful the center is for their help during December. Even some of the seniors themselves volunteer to help and donate groceries and supplies ensuring the center’s survival in this hard economy. Visitors are always welcome to interact with the seniors to provide company and also to support them. 

Potts stated, “We want anyone who is a senior, 55 and older, who would like good companionship to visit the senior center. There is something for everyone: exercise, games, social events, and opportunities for fellowship. The van is always available for them if they contact the center between 8 a.m. to 12 pm.  The number to call is (731)235-2815.” 

The senior center is located at 201 Akin St. which is just off of Highway US 45. Turn off of US 45 onto East Main St then turn right onto South 2nd St and finally turn right onto Akin St. 

The center will be on the left.

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