UT Martin names several local students to Dean’s List

UT Martin names several local students to Dean’s List

Posted: Friday, February 11, 2011 12:02 am

The outstanding academic achievements of undergraduate students at the University of Tennessee at Martin have been honored with publication of the Fall 2010 Dean’s Lists for the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, College of Business and Global Affairs, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, College of Engineering and Natural Sciences and the College of Humanities and Fine Arts.

To be eligible for dean’s list recognition at UT Martin, a student must take at least 12 hours of credit (pass-fail courses are not included) and achieve a 3.2 (B) grade point average based on a 4.0 scale. Students can make the dean’s list with honors (3.2 through 3.49), high honors (3.5 through 3.79) or highest honors (3.8 through 4.0).

UT Martin is a comprehensive public university that maintains an excellent reputation for its high-quality undergraduate programs, its beautiful campus and caring professors.

Abdullah Albrahim, Highest Honors

David E. Chambliss, Highest Honors

Kelsi B. Clark, Honors

Ashley N. Galyon, Honors

Chih-Fan Huang, Honors

Justine L. Malingrey, Highest Honors 

Steven D. Phelps, High Honors

Yasushi Watanabe, Honors



James T. Adkins, Highest Honors

Lisa C. Baskette, Highest Honors

Jennifer T. Beaty, High Honors

Brittany L. Bullock, Honors

Justin L. Cochran, Honors

Alex V. Crowell, Highest Honors

Stacey L. Darden, High Honors

Justin N. Davidson, Highest Honors

Breanna M. Dubruiel, High Honors

Orrin T. Eaves, Highest Honors

April D. Edenfield, Honors

Lacey M. Ellis, High Honors

Eric A. Evans, High Honors

Shannon E. Fisher, High Honors

Mercy M. Ford, High Honors

Erica E. Glisson, Honors

Derrick E. Hansen, Highest Honors

Tiffany D. Harrison, High Honors

Justin B. Hatler, High Honors

Bonnie A. Hickman, Honors

Amanda L. Jones, Honors

Joshua J. Justice, High Honors

Adam M. Kail, Honors

Lacie C. Kelley, Honors

Kara Kidwell, High Honors

Brandi A. Long, High Honors

Sarah A. McAlpin, High Honors

Kristi A. Mendez, Honors

Emily S. Moon, Highest Honors

Brittany S. Morton, Highest Honors

Alayna S. Owens, High Honors

Shonna R. Parker, Honors

Allison L. Paschall, Highest Honors

Cody W. Perkins, Highest Honors

Colleen E. Perkins, Honors

Jessica M. Phelps, Highest Honors

Ronald E. Phillips, High Honors

William J. Pittman, High Honors

Vanessa D. Purdum-Smith, Highest Honors

Adam L. Reddick, Honors

Jeffrey D. Reid, Honors

Scarlett L. Reynolds, Highest Honors

Hilerie D. Rickman, High Honors

Zachary C. Smith, Honors

Amy L. Spence, High Honors

Dana D. Stanfill, Highest Honors

Abbey B. Stoker, High Honors

Precious E. Turbeville, High Honors

Danialle M. Wilkerson, High Honors

Brandon K. Williams, Honors



Amy L. Bailey, High Honors

Joshua S. Pirtle, Highest Honors



Lacy D. Arnold, Highest Honors

Melanie R. Brady-Hay, Highest Honors

Megan R. Crider, Honors

Preston D. Frazier, Honors

Jessica D. McKinney, Highest Honors

Leah N. Mebane, Honors

Riley E. Moran, High Honors

Spencer K. Morse, Highest Honors

Evan J. Orr, High Honors

Billy F. Reeves, Highest Honors

Erica B. Scott, Highest Honors

Katie L. Snider, Highest Honors

Elizabeth D. Terrell, Highest Honors

Stacy W. Thompson, High Honors

James A. Verdell, Honors



Jennifer M. Bethel, Highest Honors

Dakota R. Betts, High Honors

Cody F. Black, Honors

Brittany L. Blackburn, Honors

Rhiannon E. Caudle, Highest Honors

Cassie R. Chapel, High Honors

Eric M. Davidson, High Honors

Lisa K. Franklin, Honors

Derek A. Galey, High Honors

Devera K. Galey, High Honors

Christian J. Hall, High Honors

Taren P. Hatcher, Highest Honors

Kristan D. Jennings, High Honors

Jamie M. Knott, Highest Honors

Barbara A. Manning, High Honors

Allister R. McAlister, Honors

Katelin B. McCall, High Honors

Clint A. Mealer, Honors

Natalie L. Medling, High Honors

Kelsey L. Potts, High Honors

Allison E. Puckett, High Honors

Mallory K. Robinson, Highest Honors

Brandi M. Rogers, Honors

Kandi N. Sawyers, High Honors

Stephanie J. Sellers, Highest Honors

Anna M. Usery, Honors



Megan B. Ables, Highest Honors

Emily A. Adams, High Honors

Melissa J. Adams, Highest Honors

Mustafa A. Alhanabi, Honors

Fahad A. Almutairi, Honors

Ali Almutawa, Highest Honors

Areej H. Alsalboukh, Highest Honors

Nathaniel L. Andresen, Honors

Olivia G. Baltz, High Honors

Matthew L. Bane, Highest Honors

Derek R. Barner, Honors

Magen L. Beard, High Honors

Amy L. Belote, High Honors

Emily A. Belote, Honors

Lindsey B. Blankenship, High Honors

David A. Boggis, High Honors

Jason J. Booker, Highest Honors

Matthew D. Borden, Honors

Judy L. Bowers, High Honors

Sylvester Boyd, Highest Honors

Lauren A. Breland, Honors

Samantha L. Bridges, High Honors

Scott R. Bridges, Highest Honors

Tara L. Brown, High Honors

Charles A. Brubaker, Honors

Sarah E. Brunstad, Highest Honors

Clisty L. Buie, High Honors

Megan N. Burcham, High Honors

Kevin E. Burdette, Honors

Lauren N. Burress, Highest Honors

Alexandra P. Butler, Honors

Ashley E. Bynum, High Honors

Ashley M. Byrd, High Honors

Bonnie M. Carr, Honors

Megan N. Cartmell, High Honors

Kala M. Christiansen, Honors

Allison M. Clayton, Honors

Justin K. Cobb, Honors

Scott E. Coleman, Highest Honors

Michelle A. Cooper, Highest Honors

Adrian Costea, Honors

Timothy L. Cox, Honors

Brittany M. Creech, Honors

Amanda L. Crowe, Honors

Gregory R. Curd, Honors

Martha E. Daniel, Honors

Jeffrey S. Davis, High Honors

Judy K. Davis, High Honors

Jennifer L. DeYeso, Honors

Timothy M. Dehart, Highest Honors

Johnathon H. Dodds, Highest Honors

Taylor N. Dodson, High Honors

Melinda C. Dortch, Honors

Lauren B. Dowdy, Honors

Nicole E. Drake, Highest Honors

Misty L. Dunlap, Highest Honors

Natalie E. Dunning, High Honors

Kristi L. Edwards, High Honors

Amber E. Elliott, Honors

Kevin L. Elliott, Highest Honors

Lee A. Elliott, Honors

Jessica L. Erickson, Honors

Shareigha D. Figueroa, Honors

Edward M. Finch, High Honors

Brittany L. Fortner, Honors

Christopher T. Fowler, Highest Honors

Anna E. Frederick, Honors

Victor O. Fulton, Honors

Abbie M. Fuqua, High Honors

Travis W. Garner, High Honors

Hayley B. Garrett, High Honors

Jodie L. Garrett, Honors

Brandt M. Gibson, High Honors

Richard E. Gibson, Honors

Everett B. Griffin, High Honors

Robin L. Griffin, High Honors

Ashley A. Grimes, Highest Honors

Laura N. Gullett, Highest Honors

Chris Gunlefinger, Highest Honors

Brandi L. Gwaltney, Highest Honors

Dahlia M. Haddad, High Honors

Carolyn E. Hagen, Honors

Cynthia A. Hahn, Highest Honors

Joseph S. Hailey, High Honors

Europe L. Hall, Highest Honors

Sequria L. Hamer, High Honors

Anthony D. Hamilton, High Honors

Toby W. Hammond, Honors

Thomas W. Hansen, Honors

Grant R. Harper, Honors 

Kevin D. Harris, High Honors

Jacob P. Hart, High Honors

Daniel C. Hay, Honors

Casey L. Hazlewood, Honors

Brittany M. Henderson, Highest Honors

Kenneth J. Hepler, High Honors

Heather L. Higgs, Highest Honors

Katie J. Holland, Honors

Michael C. Horng, High Honors

Jordan W. Howell, Honors

Lenetta R. Humphrey, High Honors

Justin C. Hunt, Highest Honors

James D. Hutchins, Highest Honors

Justin B. Ingle, High Honors

Alex M. Jackson, Highest Honors

Chandra M. Jacobs, High Honors

Michael A. Jeter, Highest Honors

Stephen K. Johnson, Honors

Laquita R. Jones, Honors

Frank W. Karlen, High Honors

James M. Kempton, Honors

Austin L. Kendall, Honors

Leah R. Kerassidis, High Honors

Kasey T. Kessler, Honors

Kyeongmee Kim, Highest Honors

Jake R. King, Highest Honors

Paige I. King, High Honors

Patrick J. Kincaid, Highest Honors

Sierra L. Kirk, Highest Honors

Rachel L. Kirkendol, High Honors

Joshua S. Lemons, Honors

Sydney L. Lowry, Honors

Pamela K. Luker, Highest Honors

Jay A. Lusk, High Honors

Matthew A. Maitland, High Honors

Loren K. Mallari, Honors

Chase G. Manley, High Honors

Melisa A. Manuel, High Honors

Joshua S. Marker, Honors

Ashley N. Martin, High Honors

Eliana Martinez, Honors

Rickey L. Mask, Highest Honors

Steve R. McAlister, High Honors

Kristin D. McCloud, High Honors

Katherine A. McKeel, Highest Honors

Zachary T. Meadows, Honors

Matthew W. Melton, Honors

Jessica E. Miles, Highest Honors

Erica C. Miller, Highest Honors

Laquita M. Moore, High Honors

Maci W. Mount, High Honors

Whitney B. Mount, High Honors

Michael L. Musser, Highest Honors

Ezra F. Nance, Highest Honors

Adam P. Nelson, Highest Honors

Marcy B. Nethery, High Honors

Rebecca J. Norton, Highest Honors

Amy B. Olds, High Honors

Emily Osment, High Honors

Alexander W. Parham, Highest Honors

Zalak V. Patel, High Honors

Jonalee S. Payne, Highest Honors

Rebekah L. Payne, Honors

Suzanne M. Peckham, High Honors

Steven L. Pitts, High Honors

Allison C. Price, Highest Honors

William T. Price, Highest Honors

Jason B. Quick, Highest Honors

Alfredo Ramirez, Honors

Angela D. Reddick, Highest Honors

Julie M. Reddick, Highest Honors

Sarah E. Redding, Highest Honors

Kimberly S. Rednour, High Honors

Nathaniel D. Rinehart, Honors

Amy L. Roberts, Highest Honors

Jeremy L. Robertson, Honors

Lauren B. Robertson, High Honors

Catherine L. Robilio, Highest Honors

Devin E. Rotger, High Honors

Caitlin E. Simpson, Highest Honors

Kayla B. Simpson, Highest Honors

Lynsey D. Sinclair, Highest Honors

Ashante L. Smith, Honors

James V. Smith, Honors

Brent J. Smolen, High Honors

Whitley B. Southerland, Honors

Heather M. Statler, Honors

David M. Stepp, Honors

Rory D. Stutzman, Highest Honors

Grace A. Swaim, Highest Honors

Lisa L. Swaim, Highest Honors

Madison A. Tate, Honors

Christopher K. Taylor, High Honors

Joseph M. Thomas, Honors

Jessica K. Thornton, Highest Honors

Delina K. Tiltman, High Honors

Cnanah R. Tipton, High Honors

Ashley M. Totty, Highest Honors

Shauna A. Trichler, Highest Honors

Shane M. Turbeville, Honors

Carly R. Unger, Highest Honors

Mary K. Unger, High Honors

Robert C. Unger, Highest Honors

Calista E. Vaughn, Highest Honors

Laura K. Vaughn, Highest Honors

Jessica L. Wade, Honors

Lindsey R. Wade, Honors

Zachary H. Ward, Highest Honors

Hillary J. Watson, High Honors

Stanton T. Watson, Highest Honors

Katherine A. West, High Honors

Matthew T. White, High Honors

Cory A. Wilcox, Highest Honors

Kelsey P. Wiley, High Honors

Elizabeth A. Williams, High Honors

Lauren E. Wilson, Highest Honors

Libbi A. Wilson, High Honors

Brad E. Winter, High Honors

Breanne Wright, Highest Honors

Michael S. Yandell, Highest Honors

Natoshia M. Yap, Honors


Jannie E. Reed, High Honors

Eric L. Smith, Honors

Crockett D. Stephens, Highest Honors



Roe N. Hughes, High Honors



Chadwick M. Brewer, Honors

Kevin E. Edge, High Honors

Matthew L. Fitzgerald, Highest Honors

Brittany L. Gilbert, Highest Honors

Kayla L. Heisler, Honors

Audrey B. Ingle, Honors

Derek T. Johnson, High Honors

Tonya E. Jordan, Highest Honors

Erika C. Klutts, High Honors

Kayla B. White, Honors

Krystal A. Wood, High Honors


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