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Board offers road closure update

Board offers road closure update

While the public safety of University of Tennessee at Martin is a concern when it comes to pedestrians crossing Mt. Pelia Road to take advantage of the campus rec center, the concept of closing that portion of Mt. Pelia Road for that purpose is just that – an idea.

During a recent City of Martin Planning Committee meeting, UTM Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Al Hooten had offered a request to committee members to close that portion of Mt. Pelia Road for student safety as nearly 1,000 people use the campus rec center daily.

The idea was discussed among committee members and it was ultimately recommended by the planning commission to not close the road.

Martin Mayor Randy Brundige announced during an informal session of Martin’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen Tuesday evening that Mt. Pelia Road would remain open.

Brundige said the issue will be passed onto the city’s public safety committee and several recommendations are on the table.

“We’ve talked about lowering the speed limit on that road from 30 to 20 miles per hour,” Brundige announced. 

The Martin mayor also said this would be the only place in the city for consideration of traffic camera enforcement.

Another issue concerning UTM student safety was the low lighting on University Street at the crosswalks.

Brundige said TVA is performing a study into the matter and the city would await TVA’s recommendations based on its study.

The Mt. Pelia Road issue would come before the city’s public safety committee at a future meeting.

In other board news, aldermen will consider holding to a proposal eight years ago that allowed the City of Martin to rotate CPA firms to perform the city’s yearly audits every four years.

The two audit firms include Reese Financial and ATA. Under the proposal, Reese Financial is in line to take over the city’s audit for the upcoming fiscal year.

Jack Reese was on hand at the meeting and announced his firm would perform the upcoming audit, if selected, for the same fee that was paid by the city for the last fiscal year audit.

Board members will officially choose the audit firm during their monthly meeting planned for 5:15 p.m. on Monday.

Martin Public Works Director Billy Wagster reported that his department had 15 trucks with an excess of 170,000 miles and four trucks with an excess of 250,000 miles.

Brundige announced the public works department would be getting four replacement trucks and the city’s police department would get one replacement patrol car.

C.E. Weldon Library Director Roberta Peacock announced the library is once again hosting AARP income-tax filing assistance.

Those needing income tax filing help can visit the public library every Tuesday from 4 until 7 p.m.

The Martin Board of Mayor and Aldermen will meet for a formal session in the city hall courtroom at 5:15 p.m. on Monday.

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