Weakley County Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center News

Weakley County Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center News

Posted: Wednesday, February 9, 2011 8:01 pm
By: Brittany Rich, Activity Director

By Brittany Rich

Activity Director

We have had lots of unusual weather and the residents have really enjoyed the dramatic changes it has brought. They have gone from watching it snow through the windows to bundling up a bit and enjoying a little bit of winter warmth on front porch. Regardless of the weather, everyone has been keeping busy with lots of fun and activity inside the facility.Our Cover Card winners since our last entry have been: Sue Bailey, Mary Bennett, Garl Winstead, Vivian Edwards, Jerri Young, Doris Bradberry, Barry Flowers, Bonnie Carney, Betty Parham, Opal Pentecost, Delma Beasley, Geneva Foster, and Thyra Provine. The Bingo crowds continue to be very popular with the residents and always full so we are very fortunate to have lots of help from employees, family members and our wonderful residents to ensure that everyone gets to play and a chance to win! The prizes for our Thursdays’ one line Bingo have been fifty cents and chances at the prize bin filled with all kinds of delicious goodies. For regular Bingo, each of the participants win a prize and we play until it happens!

Our crafts have been fantastic! The residents created beautiful snowflakes. Each one was just as unique as the real thing. To get ready for Valentine’s Day the residents gathered for some trivia and coloring sheets.  They did a wonderful job coloring in our heart inspired sheets and they are proudly on display in the activity room.  The residents have had many challenging sports events and each of the players brought forth a great game of skill! Mary Doster was our Shuffleboard champ with 105 points. Mignon Mayo won both the Strike Out and the Lawn Darts competitions. Obra Sims showed just how close you need to be in Horseshoes by taking first place honors. Thyra Provine showed her athletic abilities by winning Tallyoop. Our big winner at the sports challenges and proving how great of a contender he really is was Barry Flowers. He won four different games including the Doughnut Toss, Velcro Ball, Javelin Toss, and the Beanbag Toss. The residents also gathered for some fun Wii Time along with puzzles, board games and snacks. They had a blast trying to out bowl each other!

The residents gathered for Resident Council on Feb. 3. The meeting was presided over by Alberta Barker with seven residents and six approved employees present.  The closed meeting gives the residents the opportunity to put their input in on how our facility can be bettered. We encourage all residents to attend.

Lots of tasty food centered activities have also taken place. Our January Prayer Breakfast was not only delicious but inspiring. The dietary department prepared a down home country ham breakfast with all the trimmings. The homemade biscuits and red-eye gravy really hit the spot! The monthly popcorn and a movie were a big hit! The wonderful aroma seems to lure in all the residents along with employees and visitors. For our socials the residents have enjoyed bologna and crackers with cheese, chips and cookies to accompany it. Ice cream sandwiches and sherbert seemed to hit the taste buds as well. For the birthday party the residents enjoyed vanilla cake with vanilla icing. Not a slice was left!

Our January theme party was all about Winter Wonderland. The activity room was decorated with metallic silver and blue snowflakes and lanterns. The snowflakes also made an appearance on our balloons, tablecloths, and centerpieces. Silver streamers helped bring some festiveness to the room.  Mother Nature provided our most decorative of all decoration by blanketing the facility in a very pretty snowfall. The food included a variety of veggies, deli meats, cheese slices, snowflake crackers, chips and dip. The real showcase of our party was the snowball cupcakes. They were almost lifelike as the shredded coconut topped the rounded goodness.   We have been truly blessed with wonderful religious services and singings.  Mt. Herman Methodist Church filled the activity room for their first visit with us.  It was a wonderful program and we hope they will continue to be with us each month! Freemans Chapel Methodist Church and Adams Chapel Baptist Church provided Sunday afternoon services on their respected Sundays. Both always do a spectacular job and the residents are always eager for their programs. The residents always enjoy months with a fifth Sunday and Monday because that means we get a special visit from New Salem Baptist Church and New Home Baptist Church. We were delighted to have both in January. They, as always, did marvelous.  Dresden First Baptist Church, Liberty Church of Christ and Macedonia Church of Christ provide our Sunday morning services each week. We could not be more blessed then to have them bringing ease of worship to our residents each week.  Bethel Youth Group and the Brewer Family have also provided such talented gospel song services for our residents to enjoy. We thank each of you for being so kind in sharing your time with us!

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