Phebus guest speakcer at CGFA presentation

Phebus guest speakcer at CGFA presentation

Posted: Wednesday, February 9, 2011 6:01 pm

Phebus guest speakcer at CGFA presentation | Dick Phebus

Dick Phebus

Ninety-seven local government officials from across the state were recently recognized as Certified Municipal Financial Officers. The officials, part of the first class to receive the training required for certification, were honored at a ceremony held in Nashville Jan. 27.

Comptroller Justin P. Wilson  and Dr. Mary H. Jinks, vice president of the University of Tennessee Institute of Public Service, presented certificates to the officials. 

Other speakers at the ceremony included Dennis Dycus, director of the Comptroller’s Division of Municipal Audit, and Martin resident Dick Phebus of the Municipal Technical Advisory Service.

“I commend all of the local government officials who successfully completed the certification process,” Comptroller Wilson said. 

“I believe that their increased levels of training will help them become even better stewards of the taxpayers’ money.”

In an effort to increase the expertise of municipal financial officials across the state, the Tennessee General Assembly passed a law in 2007 that requires at least one individual from each of the state’s 347 incorporated municipalities to obtain certification by a certain date, depending on certain criteria.

Each candidate for certification must participate in a rigorous 10-session training program held over a two-year period. Candidates must pass exams covering material from each session in order to become eligible for the CGFO certificate.

Once certified, local government officials must take a minimum number of hours of continuing professional education courses every two years in order to keep their certification current.

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