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The County Connection

The County Connection

Posted: Friday, February 4, 2011 11:36 am
By: Shawn Francisco and Marci Floyd, Guest Columnists

It is hard to believe that we are one month into 2011.  Time sure does fly by.  We appreciate all of the wonderful comments and correspondence we have received about the new monthly column.  

Please continue to email us with any questions or concerns you have about your county government to or  

This article was designed with you in mind so that all taxpayers will know the ins and outs of how their money is being used; so keep those questions coming.

With this being the final month of timely paying your 2010 property taxes, we would like to remind you to have those payments into the trustee’s office or postmarked by Feb. 28. 

Any 2009 taxes that remain unpaid as of March 31 will be turned over to the delinquent tax attorney for collection. 

Remember you can pay a little each week until then and hopefully avoid any additional costs. The trustee’s office has collected about 43 percent of current year taxes which is $3.9 million dollars.

Speaking of payments, we had a question about our new monthly bank draft withdrawals asking how this works. 

The first step is to obtain an authorization form from the Trustee’s office or you may download the form from our county website at 

We will begin in March collecting taxes for the 2011 tax year. Your payment will be based on your tax amount for 2010 divided by 12.  

For example, if you paid $1,200 for taxes in 2010, your monthly payment will be $100 if signed up for the March bank account withdrawal. 

Once the new tax bills are released in October, your payment will be adjusted for the remainder of the months up or down depending on the amount owed. It works great and you do not have to worry about paying your bill all at once. This service is free of charge to all enrollees.  All withdrawals will occur on the fifth day of each month and you may enroll at anytime during the year. 

Why not sign up and benefit from this free service?

Until next time, we hope you are blessed with a happy and healthy February.

Editor’s note: Shawn Francisco is the Weakley County Finance Director and Marci Floyd serves as the Weakley County Trustee.

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