Martin Elementary School News

Martin Elementary School News

Posted: Friday, February 4, 2011 12:02 am

Martin Elementary School News | Martin Elementary School news

In third grade Mrs. Kym’s class will be having an ice cream party for having the most time using Skills Tutor. 

They are all excited and working hard to have another one next six weeks. Mrs. Rachel Bearden’s third-grade class received a unique reward for winning the UTM can-drive. Mr. Travis Bearden, husband of Mrs. Rachel, made them cupcakes and let them shave his head. He was so proud of their willingness to bring in over 200 cans! The kids had a blast “buzzing” his head! UTM rewarded the class with a pizza party as well! 

Everyone wishes Sam Kim and his family a safe journey back to South Korea. They will be missed!  Congratulations to Sally Bradshaw for earning over 100 AR points and Laila Obadat for earning over 50 points. 

In fourth grade Mrs. Brittany Carter welcomes her new addition, Ali Grace Carter, to her family. In fifth Grade Mrs. Mary Lee’s class would like to wish Katie Havrila a very speedy recovery!  She has had surgery and has been out for a while. 

Mrs. Brittan’s class would like to welcome their student teacher from UTM, Ms. Erica Smith. 

Mrs. Deanna’s class has started the chapter book “Old Yeller.” Ms. Katie’s class is working on fantastic 4-H speeches! 

Ms. Julie’s class would like to congratulate Christene Spencer who won the class 4-H speech contest.

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