Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 8:56 pm

Beck hears
what he wants

To the Editor:
Was Glenn Beck the only one who caught the connection in the State of the Union Address between President Obama’s five-step vision for America and the Five Pillars of Islam? I sure didn’t. The 91 percent of those who listened to the speech and applauded the president’s message evidently failed to notice the connection, also. While listening to the speech, I didn’t hear any congressmen or senators yell out “the Five Pillars of Islam,” so I guess they were in the dark as well.
But not only did Beck figure out the connection. In a stroke of genius, right in front of the TV cameras, he dragged out a bunny rabbit and a chain saw to emphasize his point. Is there no end to the brilliance of this man? What would we do without his constant vigilance?
Too bad someone didn’t advise Obama to present a seven-step vision for America.
Then Beck could have connected Obama’s plan to the seven days God took to create the universe. And we could all sleep better at night knowing we were in good hands.
Lynda Hamblen
Union City

Published in The Messenger 2.2.11

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