Hensley sentenced to three years in prison

Hensley sentenced to three years in prison

A Gleason man arrested in September for aggravated assault on an officer with a firearm has received a three-year sentence for the Class C felony charge.

At his preliminary hearing in circuit court Thursday, Jason Edward Hensley, of Gleason, pleaded guilty to the aggravated assault charge, but disagreed with the sequence of events in which the crime occurred. 

According to an affidavit, on Sept. 13, 2010, Hensley went to a residence located at 2340 Parks Well Rd. in Weakley County, owned by his father. 

The report stated that when Hensley arrived at the residence, he threatened Gleason Police officer David King, who had been called to the residence, with a .12-gauge shotgun. 

After being told numerous times to put the gun down, Hensley began to point the firearm in the direction of King, putting the officer in fear of his life. 

In the hearing, both Hensley and Atty. Jeff Washburn attested to the fact that Hensley wasn’t in his “right mind” when these events occurred as he was “coming down off meth.” 

“I went to the house with a shotgun, but my mind wasn’t right. I’d been off meth for a week. I’m guilty of carrying a gun to the house and getting shot,” Hensley admitted. 

Nevertheless, though Hensley questioned his threatening manner towards the officer, he maintained his guilt in the matter and was sentenced to three years in TDOC with 129 days of jail credit.    

wcp 2/01/11

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