Dresden Duplicate Club

Dresden Duplicate Club

Posted: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 8:01 pm
By: Toni Pritchett

Another week of bridge and snow, but still it made many people very happy. Most of the time we play with the same partner (week after week), but from time to time one of the partnerships has another appointment or other plans, so the other partner seeks out a new partner. 

That is just what happened last Wednesday. Jo Glasgow of U.C. picked out Bertha Henry from Martin to play and lo and behold they played and came in first.  
Eighteen players filed into the room and we had lots of good food to eat. A huge tray of fruits like honey dew melon, cantaloupe, pineapple and grapes. 

That to go along with three plates of cheeses and Rice Chex™ nuts and bolts. 

Demetria Beard sent to the table for us a huge tin of the best Chips and nuts, etc. Chocolate cookies, very yummy and then Lucy Bogue delivered a 9 by 13 dish of pecan chocolate brownies. 

We have such a good time.
Besides Jo and Bertha taking first place other winners were 2nd Freddye Olive and Toni Pritchett, tying with Jackie Hohman and Carol Ehlers.  Third was Tom Beard and Sarah Pentecost.

A little “Remember Mary and Billy”

Billy Herndon, Abraham Lincoln’s law partner, got off to a bad start with Mary Todd Lincoln. At the end of a dance with her, shortly after she married Lincoln, he told her she seemed “to glide through the waltz with the ease of a serpent.  “Mr. Herndon,” said Mrs. Lincoln coldly, “comparison to a serpent is rather severe irony.” 

She didn’t like him anyway; she thought he drank too much, was offended by the way he called himself an agnostic and considered him, in general, rather sleazy.

Herndon later made a speech in Springfield and quoted Mrs. Lincoln in saying that her husband was not a “technical Christian.” Herndon himself said “Like me, Lincoln is an infidel!!!!!!!”

wcp 2/1/11

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