MPD responds to attempted suicide

MPD responds to attempted suicide

Martin Police Department officers intervened just in time to prevent an attempted suicide.

On Friday afternoon, Ptl. Merrell was dispatched to Westview High School to an attempted suicide. 

According to a report released by the MPD, upon Merrell’s arrival, a vehicle belonging to an unnamed male was found at the Martin Recreation Complex near the high school. 

The report stated that Merrell along with Ptl. Gallimore followed the offender’s footsteps from his vehicle towards the pavilion. 

At that time, the officers heard a shot fired from the pavilion area and they approached the area with caution when, to the right about 50 feet away, the offender was found on his knees with a rifle to his mouth area.

The report went on to say that Merrell made contact with the individual and advised him to take his finger off the trigger of the rifle. The offender yelled repeatedly for officers not to approach him and Merrell then stopped approximately 25 feet away and continued to make contact with the offender. 

At this time, the offender began pulling the trigger over and over again and questioned why it was not firing. 

According to the report, Ptl. Dolack then walked behind Ptl. Merrell and advised him to keep the offender distracted while he could move in behind him and administer a taser. 

Ptl. Merrell then observed the offender pull the bolt back on the rifle and eject a used round and chamber another bullet. 

The report stated that Merrell then deployed his taser and once the offender moved the rifle away from his body to look at the bolt region, Ptl. Merrell tasered the offender in the torso region. 

According to the report, the offender fell to his stomach and was taken into custody. 

The rifle was taken into possession by Ptl. Pryor and logged into the armory. The offender was transported to Volunteer Community Hospital for evaluation and was then taken to Western State Hospital by Weakley County Sheriff’s Department officers. 

wcp 1/25/11

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