Youth League Basketball

Youth League Basketball

Posted: Friday, January 21, 2011 12:02 am
By: Georgia Brown

By Georgia Brown

1. Hoop Squad @ Dream Team

In the Martin Parks and Recreation Youth League basketball games on Saturday, the Dream Team against the Hoop Squad by a landslide. The Hoop Squad started off slow with 4 points from Jaylen Mitchell, while the Dream Team’s Dylan Parks, Matt McMillan, and reed Chandler all scored. In the second quarter, both stepped up their offense a bit. The Hoop Squad had 3 points from Mitchell, 5 points from Malik Pogue, and 1 point from Mikey Neilson. The Dream Team’s Nolan Bigham scored 6 points, McMillan scored 7, and Cole Sullivan scored 1. The 3rd quarter slowed down for the Hoop Squad. Only Jaylen Mitchell scored 4 points. The Dream Team took off with McMillan scoring 15 points, Bigham and Sullivan scoring 2. In the 4th quarter, the Hoop Squad’s leading scorer, Mitchell, scored 3 points, and Cameron Trice scored 1. Davon Trice, Diego Ferrer, and Tynell Lovins showed their best defense throughout the game. The Dream Team ended the game like they started it, with 8 points, scored by McMillian and Bigham. Seth Mitchell, Ethan Gallien, and Barrett Linhoss all had shot attempts, but the ball wouldn’t cooperate. The game ended 49-21. 

2. Red Raptors @ Boise

In the Martin Parks and Recreation Youth League basketball games on Saturday, the Red Raptors narrowly beat Boise in the day’s closets match. The first quarter looked good for both teams with Lou Rechis scoring 5 and Ethan Garcia scoring 1 for Boise; Aubrey Bynum scoring 2 points and Michael Long scoring 5 for Red Raptors. In the second quarter, Rechis scored an amazing 9 points, including a 3 pointer. Also, Jordan Sullivan scored 2 points for Boise. For the Red Raptors, Bynum scored 3, and Long scored 6. Chase Krider and Mason Pyrdom had good defense. In the 3rd quarter, Rechis scored another 9 points, and Sullivan scored 2 points again for Boise. The Red Raptors shut down in this quarter with Long scoring only 2 points. In the 4th quarter, Jimmy Woodson made a great steal. Alex Deal, Angus Ho, Spencer Legins, and Tyler Davis gave great effort. Rechis fouled out and scored only 2 points for Boise. The Red Raptors caught up and took the lead with Bynum, Parker Bell, and Bennet Fuqua scoring 2; also, Long scored 7. Red Raptors won the close game 31-30.

3. Tennessee Crush @ Hoop Squad 

In the Martin Parks and Recreation Youth League basketball games on Saturday, TN Crush beat the Hoop Squad. In the first quarter, the teams started out equal with LaDarius Alley scoring 2 points for TN Crush, and Jaylen Mitchell scoring 2 for Hoop Squad. In the second quarter, Dalton Moore scored 2, and Gaige Robey, Jaxson Hazlewood, Malek Jones, and Alley scored free throws for TN Crush. Cameron Trice scored a lone point for Hoop Squad. The 3rd quarter brought a 3 pointer for Robey and a point from Alley for TN Crush. For Hoop Squad Mitchell scored 1 point and Trice scored 2. In the 4th quarter, TN Crush sealed the win with Alley scoring 4 points, and Malik Roberson scoring 3 points. Clay Cantrell and Joshua Floyd had great effort the whole game. Hoop Squad’s Trice scored another lone point, and Abdulla Obadat, Davon Trice, Diego Ferrer, Maklik Pogue, Mikey Neilson, and Tynell Lovins had great defense.

4. Celtics @ Panthers

In the Martin Parks and Recreation Youth League basketball games on Saturday, the Panthers beat the Celtics. Dillon Moss of the Panthers scored 2 points, and the Celtics players Dylan McClanahan, James Pritchett, and Nathan Williamson scored 2 points in the 1st quarter. In the second quarter, for the Panthers, Kendall Harrelson and Skylar McCroskey scored 2 points, while their teammate Tyler McClure scored 8 points. For the Celtics, McClanahan, Pritchett, and Williamson scored one point each. The 3rd quarter was good for the Panthers with Moss and Hunter Todd scoring 2 each and McClure scoring 5 points. The Celtics only score of the quarter was by McClanahan with 2 points. Also, Celtics players Nathan Maya and Ryan Matheny had good defense. The Panthers’ McClure scored their only 2 points of the final quarter, and Keilan Rooks made several smart moves throughout the game. For the Celtics, McClanahan scored 5 points, including a 3 pointer. The game ended 25-19.

5. Heat @ Thunder

In the Martin Parks and Recreation Youth League basketball games on Saturday, Heat and Thunder ended the first quarter equally. Heat’s Collin Stricklin scored 6 points and Dylan Sullivan scored 2. Thunder’s Brandon Butler, Chase Spencer, Dallas Laney, and Will Erwin each scored 2 points. In the second quarter, Lucas Maxey scored 4 points, Harrison Capps scored1, and Bruce Hicks had good defense for Heat. Spencer scored 5 points, and Zach Jones scored1 point for Thunder. The third quarter brought Heat into the lead. Stricklin and Capps scored 4 points each, Sullivan scored 2 points, and Angelo Malacapy scored 1 point. For Thunder, Summer Long got several rebounds, Blake Robb had good defensive skills and Erwin scored 6 points. In the fourth quarter, Chirstopher Pinto and Capps scored 4 points, and Maxey scored 2. Thunder tried to come back with Spencer hitting two 3 pointers, Laney scoring 2 points, and Erwin scoring a 3 pointer. Heat beat Thunder 40-30.

6. Panther @ Bulls
In the Martin Parks and Recreation Youth League basketball games on Saturday, Panthers beat Bulls in the second landslide of the day. The Bulls scored no points in the first quarter. The Panthers’ Kendall Harrelson scored 2 points, and Skylar McCroskey and Tyler McClure both scored a free throw. In the 2nd quarter, Michael Park and Reed Rooks scored a point apiece for the Bulls. Elizabeth Plunk, Jared Wortham, and Michael Woolridge had good defense. For the Panthers, McCroskey scored 2, and McClure scored 9 points. In the 3rd quarter for the Bulls, Andrew You and Joe Ray Perry scored 2 points each. For the Panthers, Dillon Moss and Hunter Todd scored 2 points each, and McClure scored a big 10 points. In the 4th quarter, the same two scorers form the 3rd quarter, You and Perry, scored 2 points again for the Bulls. For the Panthers, Rooks, Harrelson, and McClure scored The ending score was a 41-10 win.

7. Thunder vs. Orange Swoosh
In the Martin Parks and Recreation Youth League basketball games on Saturday, Emma Kelly scored a free throw for Thunder. Orange Swoosh didn’t score any, but Autumn Long and Hallie Arnold showed good effort. In the 2nd quarter, Thunder scored zero. Anna Hazlewood, Blaine McDonald, and Brittney Fabian had good defense. For Orange Swoosh, Alexis Beam and Summer Villascia scored 2 points each. The 3rd quarter was slower for Thunder with Lauren Hester scoring 2. Caroline Schuster, Morgan Bessent, and Raegan Johnson all got rebounds. For Orange Swoosh, Villascia shot and made free throws, and Valessa Jackson scored 2. Hannah McCroskey, Kallie Pruiett, and Tiarra Jackson all hustled throughout the game. In the 4th quarter, Kelly scored 2 points for Thunder. For Orange Swoosh, V. Jackson scored 4 and Beam scored 2. The final score was 14-6; Orange Swoosh won.

8. Heat vs. Livewire
In the Martin Parks and Recreation Youth League basketball games on Saturday, neither team scored in the 1st quarter. However, in the 2nd quarter, Anna Yott and Jada Briggs both scored for Livewire. Hope Gray scored 2, and Alyssa Duncan and Hannah Grace Garner hustled for Heat. The 3rd quarter shot Heat into the lead with Livewire scoring 0 and Heat scoring 10, but Livewire’s Caroline Perry, Leah Thedford, Madison Summers, Naomi Griffen, and Shelly Rowlett had great defense. Plus, Heat’s Lauren Beverly, Marisa Rubio, and Zanasha Gadlen showed good effort throughout the whole game. In the 4th quarter, Yott scored 2 points for Livewire, and Heat didn’t score. The final score was 14-7 for Heat.

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