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Fortnightly Club meets at Martin Elementary School

Fortnightly Club meets at Martin Elementary School

Posted: Friday, January 21, 2011 9:27 am

Fortnightly Club meets at Martin Elementary School

Andrew Hart

Fortnightly Club met at Martin Elementary School in the classroom of Andrew Hart on Wednesday, Jan. 12. Hart shared technology in the classroom expanding his delivery on the Promethean Board and how this item enhances the students learning through motivation and active participation.  The Promethean Board is a great tool added in many, but not all, classrooms through the Weakley County School System. The Fortnightly Club came to the realization that the Promethean Boards are indeed a gift to the young people in Weakley County School System but the real gift to Weakley County School System is the classroom teachers who pour their hearts into their job day in and day out for the young people in their academic care.  Thank you to all Weakley County School teachers from the Fortnightly Club of Martin.  

The members present, as well as, Hart, enjoyed a “popcorn” party during this presentation.  The hostesses for the afternoon were Lynn Gibson, Carolyn Gresham and Jerrie Conley.  The Fortnightly Vice President Mollie Gallien conducted a short business meeting after the program. Members present, but not yet mentioned, were Carol Gibson, Sandra Vincent, Dottie Smith, Linda Wade, Nell Sparks, Barbara Trentham, Martha Lee Lacy, Carolyn James and Frances Cates.

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