Efforts under way to replace MPS carpet

Efforts under way to replace MPS carpet

Behind the efforts of the education system and the Weakley County community, Martin Primary School Advisory board is seeking to replace the flooring in the MPS  library.  The advisory board was formed to ensure that parents, teachers, administrators, business personnel and other community members remain actively involved in the planning and implementation of the educational process of Weakley County students. Board members meet and determine areas needing improvement within the school facility and then work to correct the problems thereby improving the overall educational experience for the students. 

Recently the board met and members chose as its next project the replacement of the flooring in the MPS library. The carpet was installed over 15 years ago and is showing signs of wear and tear due to frequent use and, in turn, frequent cleaning.

“Due to limited space in the cafeteria, students have been using the library as an overflow place to eat. Martin Primary School serves nearly 500 students each year and this means that many children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and neighborhood children have walked and sat on this carpet,” Amy Tuck, president of the MPS advisory board emphasized. 

“We have to clean the carpet several times and it needs replacing with tile because it’ll be easier to keep clean.”

Several estimates have been obtained and Tuck reported that the board needs to raise approximately $3,000. Since, as Tuck adhered to in an earlier statement, these are “children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and neighborhood children” using this facility, the board is hoping to enlist the help of community members in making donations towards the completion of the project. The goal is to have the new flooring installed by spring of 2011.

“The advisory board works with the school on needs and improvements.   We’ve identified a major need and we’re seeking donations from businesses, community leaders, organizations, parents and anyone who’s interested in supporting the school. We’re getting the word out and hope that we’ll get a positive response and get this project off the ground.”

To make donation to the MPS library flooring project, send contributions to: 

Martin Primary School Advisory Board c/o Martin Primary School, 215 College Street, Martin, TN  38237.

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