Broadway Baptist Church

Broadway Baptist Church

Posted: Friday, January 21, 2011 12:02 am
By: Faye Maxey

Our Sunday school lesson was on “Building A Culture Of Life” from II Kings 21-23. Focusing on the question, “What kind of culture are you helping to build?” The passage challenges us and our churches to help make a difference in building a God honoring culture of life. The scriptures are the right blueprints.

Our worship service followed with singing, prayer, and a time of greeting and welcome. Bro. Kenneth’s message was “The Lord’s Supper” with scripture from I Corinthians 11:23-33. When we’re talking about the Lord’s Supper, we really need to know what it’s all about. What should it mean to me as a child of God? It’s expressing our love for Him, thanking Him in remembering of what He has done for us. Who should not partake of the supper? A lost person (one who has never trusted Christ as Savior) should never partake of the supper and a Christian with unrepented, unforgiven sin in their life. After this message we had the Lord’s Supper and departed singing a hymn.

Bro. Kenneth’s message in the evening service was “Wheat Among the Weeds: from Matthew 13:23-30, 36-43. Jesus explains that the seed represents the word of God, while the types of ground represent the receptivity of people to the word. While it may seem as though evil and sin reign in our world today, the reality is that God is still at work.

Thought for the week: God doesn’t want me to do anything for Him, He wants to do something through me – Adrian Rogers.

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