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State legislators prep for 107th

State legislators prep for 107th

As the 107th General Assembly begins session, three local politicians have been named as members of several key committees. 

Sen. Roy Herron has obtained seats on both the General Welfare, Health and Human Resources Committee and the Environment, Conservation and Tourism Committee. 

The General Welfare, Health and Human Resources committee deals with legislation on a wide range of issues including health care, hospitals, children’s issues, senior citizens and more. 

“Helping Tennessee’s children, senior citizens and working people are my top priorities, and I’m eager to get to this session’s work,” Herron said. 

The Environment, Conservation and Tourism committee deals with Tennessee’s natural resources, environment, conservation, tourism and state parks and recreation areas, which particularly appeals to Herron as an avid hunter and fisherman.

“I represent more rivers and lakes, more bass and bream, more ducks and geese, than any other legislator,” Herron admitted. “God blessed Tennessee with great resources and outdoors opportunities that provide thousands of jobs and the chance to create even more jobs through tourism.”

Likewise, newly elected State Representative Andy Holt was named to the Environment, Conservation and Tourism committee and the committee on agriculture. 

“I am excited about the opportunities for my district and the great state of Tennessee,” Holt remarked. “We face a lot of challenges. I am eager to work to provide our district with improved education, safer neighborhoods, and more job opportunities during this 107th General Assembly.”

Sen. Lowe Finney, a Dresden native, was named to the Finance, Ways and Means committee and was named secretary of the State and Local Government Committee. 

Finney’s membership on the Finance, Ways and Means committee will give his district an exceptionally strong position in competition for state and federal funds. The committee is responsible for all measures relating to state finances and revenues, and seats on the committee are typically reserved for legislative leaders.

The State and Local Government Committee amplifies his district’s voice in matters directly impacting their local governments.

The responsibilities will be in addition to his duties as Senate Democratic Caucus chairman, a post to which his fellow caucus members reelected Finney last month.

“I’m pleased and honored to be named to these committees, and look forward to serving both my committee members and my constituents to my greatest ability,” Finney said.

“I am extremely thankful that my colleagues have chose to place their trust in me. Now, it’s time for us to work together to create jobs and opportunities in our districts across Tennessee.”   

The legislative session is expected to begin this week.

wcp 1/18/11