On the Street: The significance of Martin Luther King day

On the Street: The significance of Martin Luther King day

“It lets us know how far we have come in the struggle of civil rights. It lets us know that Martin Luther King’s dream has been fulfilled and we always want to give him that acknowledgement and respect where we came from, but we certainly have farther to go.”– Beverly Claybrooks


“It’s a great mark in  history. Martin Luther King not only achieved things for the black race, but for all mankind. We’ve progressed from things he’s brought about, but we still have far to go. The young people need to realize that we came this far by faith, but we still have far to go.” – Col. Bob Smith


“I’m from the old school. I had to sit in the back of the bus because I lived in the country. Now, I have many more freedoms. I’m able to do so many more things. This means so much to us as a people and we’re still striving to make it work.” – Hazel Hankerson


“It’s a way to remember a man who set the standard for us. I’m sorry for his death, but I’m very thankful for his life.” – Hoover Nunley


“It’s a very special day. I was born in 1965. This day makes me appreciate the struggle. Because of the struggle, I can be treated equally. The appreciation is about being able to sit where I want to and eat where I want. This walk is my way of giving back and, rain or shine, I’m going to make this walk. I brought my daughter with me so she can be a part of this day, too.” – Joyce Carol Humphreys


“It’s a continued struggle for progress and equality for all people. It’s not just about who we were or what we’ve been, it’s about what we can be. And it’s about the human race, not just African-Americans.” – Rev. Alvin Summers

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