Gleason Police uncover meth lab

Gleason Police uncover meth lab
Gleason Police uncover meth lab

ROLLING METH LAB – Gleason Police Officer J.C. Curtis (above) with the help of officer David King and his K-9 “Ruin,” uncovered a rolling meth lab and several grams of methamphetamine during a routine traffic stop on Hwy. 22 last week.

Last week, Gleason police officers stopped a vehicle that happened to be carting a lot more cargo than just four passengers. 

Around 3 a.m. during the early morning hours of Monday, Jan. 3, officers pulled over a 1990 Honda Accord™ occupied by four individuals and headed northbound on Hwy. 22. 

The initial charge was going to be a misdemeanor lighting violation by Officer J.C. Curtis of the GPD. 

However, when Curtis inspected the license of the driver, Jeremey S. Smith, 34, of Union City, Curtis found the status of the license and the status of the vehicle to be suspended for a previous misdemeanor offense and the license plates were improperly registered. When checked, the license plates came back to an entirely different make and model of vehicle registered out of Murfreesboro, according to Curtis. 

The person in possession of the vehicle at the time was a 50-year-old male who was the front passenger of the vehicle at the time and whose name is not being released due to a continuing investigation. Also occupying the vehicle were two females in the backseat – Jennifer A. Adair, 32, of Samburg and a 36-year-old female whose name is also being withheld pending further investigation.

Adair was found to be in possession of a small glass pipe and burnt aluminum foil commonly used to smoke methamphetamine. She was arrested on the scene and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Because ownership of the vehicle was unable to be determined through readily available means, it was towed to the City of Gleason’s impound lot. When a detailed inventory search was procured in accordance with the City of Gleason’s policy for any vehicles that are towed into impound, it was determined that the four individuals were in possession of a “rolling” methamphetamine lab. Located in the trunk of the vehicle were all the necessary items used in the production of methamphetamine. 

“We are very fortunate to have Gleason officer David King and his Narcotics canine Ruin, who discovered several hidden and modified compartments in the vehicle where it appears methamphetamine and the ingredients used to make meth have been stored. Without the dog, these areas could have easily been overlooked,” Curtis stated.

The four individuals stated they had been in the Nashville area where they had been staying in numerous hotels throughout the weekend. All four individuals have been charged with the promotion of methamphetamine manufacturing. The bond was originally set at $50,000 for Smith and Adair, who were being detained in the Weakley County Detention Center. Smith was also discovered to be a wanted person entered into the NCIC system by the Obion County Sheriff’s Office for previous felony theft charges. 

wcp 1/13/11

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