West Clinic, Memphis benefits from Carolyn Doss Memorial

West Clinic, Memphis benefits from Carolyn Doss Memorial

Posted: Friday, January 7, 2011 12:02 am

West Clinic, Memphis benefits from Carolyn Doss Memorial

Dr. Kurt Tauer and Rev. Elwood Doss Jr.

The Press 1/4

For decades the family of the late Thurman Sims from Mason Hall has exchanged gifts at their annual Christmas dinner. As the clan grew larger it was decided to draw names and place a spending limit on each gift. In the last few years the family members essentially ended up exchanging gift cards so last year it was decided that, rather than exchanging gifts, each family would donate the amount they would spend on the gift exchange and give it to a worthy cause.

In November the family lost the matriarch of the family, Carolyn Sims Doss of Martin, to Stage IV gall bladder cancer leaving only one sibling, W. T. Sims of Yorkville. Another sister, Benita Williams of Union City passed away several years ago. In December 2007 Carolyn was given little hope that she would survive more than a few months this relatively rare form of cancer. After an initial diagnosis and quick referral by Dr. David Jones of Martin, she began receiving treatment at the West Clinic in Memphis guided by her oncologist, Dr. Kurt Tauer. Due to the quick response of both Dr. Jones and Dr. Tauer she survived for nearly three years after the initial diagnosis. Here care was reinforced by the West Clinic’s Wings Foundation which provided support, counseling, and encouragement during her treatment, so the family decided to donate their Christmas “gifts” to the Wings Foundation. The Foundation also provides and maintains an extensive library and provides ongoing seminars available to the patients and their families. In gratitude to Dr. Tauer and the West Clinic, the family collected $855 at their annual Christmas dinner and donated it in memory of Carolyn. Her husband, the Rev. Elwood Doss, Jr., traveled to Memphis and presented the donation to Dr. Tauer who was overwhelmed at the generosity of the family. It is significant to note that Dr. Tauer and his wife had also previously made a donation to the Wings Foundation in memory of Carolyn.

Rev. Doss commented that this was such a wonderful way to demonstrate the true spirit of Christmas, giving without thought of receiving anything in return, and as he said, “it sure beats just exchanging gift cards!” He encouraged other extended families who enjoy Christmas celebrations together to choose a worthy cause in which to give a family gift at Christmas.


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