Students honored for AP scores

Students honored for AP scores

Posted: Friday, January 7, 2011 10:27 pm

Nicole Hardin and Allison Bruff, members of the Class of 2010 at Union City High School, saw their high school scholastic efforts pay off in a major way, thanks to the high scores they earned on their AP (Advanced Placement) final exams last spring.
Miss Hardin, the daughter of Andrew and Angela Blair of Union City and currently a student at Tulane University in New Orleans, and Miss Bruff, daughter of Tracy and Jennifer Bruff of Union City and currently a student at Rhodes College in Memphis, have been named AP Scholars by the College Board AP because of their “outstanding academic performance on AP exams.”
Miss Hardin received scores of 3 and higher in her AP Physics, AP U.S. History and AP Biology exams at UCHS. Miss Bruff, an international studies major, received scores of 3 and higher on her AP World History and AP Calculus exams and a 5, the highest possible, on her AP Biology exam. The biology score allowed her to opt out of one of her 12 foundation classes at Rhodes.
In addition, both graduates received reimbursement of the cost of taking the AP exam ($87) at UCHS, because of their scores of at least 3 in the courses, plus additional financial rewards for their scores of 4 and 5, which they said they applied toward purchasing books at college.
UCHS AP students who score 4 receive cash awards of $250 and those with a 5 receive an additional $250, for a total of $500, and the reimbursing of the exam fee.
“Advanced Placement and Honors classes at UCHS prepare our students for the challenging course work at the college level. Our goal at Union City is to equip these students with the necessary knowledge to allow them to excel at the next level. This philosophy is consistent with our mission statement, which is ‘to prepare students to live, work, contribute and excel in an ever-changing world,’” says Union City Director of Schools Gary Houston.
The Union City School System first introduced AP and Honors courses as part of the Union City Magnet School curriculum in 2006, so the Class of 2010 was the first to enjoy four years of opportunity. Twenty-five students in that class (28.7 percent) graduated from the Magnet School. Houston noted that additional courses have been added each year since the 2006-07 foray into the more challenging world of education. Students at UCHS during the 2010-11 academic year can choose from the following list of classes: AP Calculus; AP English; AP Physics; AP Biology; AP U.S. History; AP World History; AP Chemistry; Honors English I, II and III; Honors  Biology; Honors Physical Science; Honors World History; Honors Geometry; Honors Algebra II; Honors Pre-calculus; and Honors Chemistry.
Instructors for the courses go through special extensive training and commit themselves to presenting advanced opportunities that can not only afford students college credit and assistance with college expenses but can also go a long way toward preparing students for the level of study they will encounter beyond high school. AP and Honors courses are those most often offered by both public and private schools with a reputation for encouraging the highest academic standards.
“We recognize that our students who accept the challenge of AP and Honors courses are committing themselves to excellence and Miss Hardin and Miss Bruff have certainly attained that lofty goal,” says UCHS principal Wes Kennedy. “Their outstanding test scores are a source of pride for all of us at UCHS and a testament not only to their hard work but to the commitment and effort of their teachers. These young women have set a high standard of achievement for those who come after them, but we are confident many will follow their lead.”

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