Sharon Notables

Sharon Notables

Posted: Friday, January 7, 2011 12:02 am
By: Jacqueline Gardner

I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration during Christmas and the New Year! It’s hard to believe that it is already 2011 and we all will be writing the wrong year for a few weeks. Hope your resolutions all are successful.

As the year begins, what better time for all of us to check out our library. They have newly released books and a variety of others such as mysteries, love stories, and about anything you like to read you can find it. Don’t forget that they have computers too.

Do you enjoy playing cards, games, dominoes, and Ping-Pong? Then remember to check out the Senior Center in Sharon. Why don’t you come out and meet the gang. There are a few exercise equipment pieces available for your use also. Be sure you stop by and pick up the prepared calendar so you know the dates of the activities and of any closings. If you need information about the Sharon Senior Center, call 456-2213 and speak with Shirley Chappell. 

On Jan. 6, Karen Cross will celebrate her birthday and Walter and Justine Browder will celebrate their anniversary. Marshall Tharpe will celebrate his birthday on Jan. 7, Brenda Mansfield will celebrate hers on Jan. 9, Tucker Malone will celebrate his on Jan 10, Jennifer Hamlin will celebrate hers on Jan. 11 and Paula Green will celebrate hers on Jan. 12. Is your loved on my list? Could it be that I just don’t have your information? To see your loved ones on my list, contact me by emailing to or call 456-9823.

Also, remember without your news, I have nothing to write! Take a moment to share your visits, your plans for the holidays, or any other news that you may have with me and we will gladly print your news.

Thought for the week: “Living seven days without God makes one weak.” If you have a thought you would like to share with the readers, feel free to drop me an email or call me and I will put it in my article.

Well that’s all the news from the Sharon community. Remember to continue to pray for our military, your neighbors, friends, and family members and that God will have mercy on our land. May God bless you all!

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