Meth lab found in Martin

Meth lab found in Martin

A normally quiet town neighborhood became the shocking target of blatantly illegal behavior this past Tuesday in Martin.

Early Tuesday afternoon, Ptl. Guy Pryor received an anonymous tip concerning a possible meth lab located at 101 Meadowbrook Dr. According to a report filed by Guy, he could detect an odor consistent with a clandestine methamphetamine operation. 

At that time, Ptl. Pryor, Inv. Tommy Erwin and Inv. James Hatler knocked on the door of the residence in question and met with the owner of the house, Pam Carlton. 

The report states that Carlton gave the officers permission to search the residence and upon searching, Ptl. Pryor discovered numerous materials used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. 

The items were locked in a storage shed in the backyard of the residence. 

According to the incident report, Pt. Pryor found a bottle that contained remains of finished methamphetamine product, a can of sea salt, a container of sulfuric acid, a clear jar of siphoned Coleman™ fuel and multiple bags with bottles and tubes inside of them. 

Ptl. Pryor revealed that these items are normally used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. At that time, Ptl. Pryor advised all of the parties of their Miranda warnings and began speaking with William Harvey Baker. According to the report, Baker admitted that he had bought all of the items in question and had used the items to make methamphetamine. Baker went through each item individually and told Ptl. Pryor where he had obtained it and what it was used for in the manufacturing process. 

Baker admitted, in the report, that he had last made methamphetamine two days prior and obtained the pills from the CVS in Dresden. 

Additionally, Baker gave Ptl. Pryor a small bag of green plantlike material from his cigarette box, which he claimed was marijuana. At this time, according to the report, a Hazmat team from Nashville was contacted to clean up the meth lab and Baker also entered into a written statement concerning the facts. 

Baker was taken into custody without incident and the marijuana in question was weighed at the Martin Police Department and found to be .04 grams.

The report went on to say that Capt. Sammy Lyles escorted Carlton to the MPD for a voluntary interview. Carlton met with Ptl. Pryor and he advised her of her Miranda rights. Carlton admitted to having used methamphetamine on numerous occasions in the last few days and further stated that she is the only one living at the residence and she had allowed Baker to stay a few days. 

According to the report, Inv. Erwin advised Ptl. Pryor that he found some batteries and fuel packs in the trash at Carlton’s house and admitted that these are commonly used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. Carlton entered into a written statement about these facts and also admitted that her 14-year-old son was home when she was using methamphetamine these last few days.

Baker is being charged with promotion of meth manufacture and simple possession/casual exchange and Carlton is being charged with promotion of meth manufacture.

wcp 1/6/11

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