Drugs top grand jury charges

Drugs top grand jury charges

Numerous drug charges make up the grand jury indictments that were handed out this past Monday. 

Of the 26 indictments handed out, one case was listed as secret. 

Cases to be considered by the grand jury include: 

• Jason Hensley – Aggravated assault X 2.

• Thomas Koker – Initiation of process to manufacture meth and simple possession.

• Holly Locke – DUI, Driving on revoked license, implied consent, drug paraphernalia and prior offenses. 

• Holly Locke – Forgery X 4 and fraudulent use of credit card X 4.

• Jeffrey McAbee – Initiation of process to mfg meth, promotion of meth mfg and assault.

• David Mansfield – Theft.

• David Mitchell – Initiation of process to mfg meth and simple possession.

• Chance Melton – Aggravated statutory rape.

• Thomas Moore – Aggravated kidnapping X 2, aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

• Christopher Porter – Promotion of meth mfg and simple possession.

• Clinton Pritchard – Aggravated burglary and theft and initiation of process to mfg meth.

• Tiffany Allen – Accessory after the fact and initiation of process to mfg meth.

• Steven Reddin – DUI, seat belt violation and implied consent.

• Wallace Sowell – Aggravated assault and theft.

• Edwynn Taylor – Possession firearm during dangerous felony, possession weapon with intent to go armed, possession controlled substance and no driver’s license.

• Ilar Warren – Sexual battery by authority figure.

• Dustin L. Boleyn – Aggravated kidnapping and assault X 4.

• Matthew Austin Bradley – Theft X 3.

• Demetrius Deron Edwards – Robbery.

• Jennifer Fitzgerald – Promotion meth manufacture.

• Ronnie Waggoner – Promotion meth manufacture.

• Marty Moore – Promotion meth manufacture.

• Bryan Fitzpatrick – Theft.

• Secret – Aggravated statutory rape.

• Coby Harrison – Aggravated assault.

• Dion Harrison – Possession controlled substance with intent X 3 and drug paraphernalia.

• Peter Graves – Possession of controlled substance with intent X 3 and drug paraphernalia. 

The report date for these indictments is Monday, Jan. 10. Those indicted are expected to appear before 27th Judicial District Circuit Judge William Acree.

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