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Moments of reflection: Clock ticking down on 2010; new year awaits

Moments of reflection: Clock ticking down on 2010; new year awaits

Posted: Friday, December 31, 2010 9:05 pm

Moments of reflection: Clock ticking down on 2010; new year awaits | David Critchlow Jr., Just A Thought

As I look to 2011, which arrives after the stroke of midnight tonight, I can’t help but reflect on the year that was 2010.
From failed new year’s resolutions (again) to the scary realization of being the father of two teen-aged girls to the quickening pace of the passing years, I’ve had plenty of topics to ponder and relate through the space provided regularly in this column.
Unfortunately, with the clock ticking on the end of the year, time has run out on documenting them in 2010 — unless I do it in a CliffNotes’ format today.
With that, here’s a look back at shortened versions on columns I meant to write this year.
Twenty-five year college class reunion: I attended a reunion marking a quarter-century since my class graduated from college. (Not me, but my class. I had an unplanned academic redshirt year so I graduated a year later.)
While there, I couldn’t help but notice how much grayer (if not balder), heavier and older the crowd had gotten. Then I realized I was just looking in the mirror.
Trick-or-Treating: With treats a thing of the past, my teen-aged daughters have made the natural progression — or is it regression — of turning to playing tricks on people at Halloween.
I recall doing a bit of the “tricking” myself as a youth, so I realize most of it is harmless fun.
Unfortunately, my daughters and their friends were terrible at it. It seemed as though every time they rolled a yard with toilet paper, they got caught. And, when you get caught, you get to clean up the mess, which is what happened when they rolled a couple of their friends’ houses.
On one occasion, they were caught before even launching a toilet paper roll into a tree. During the planning stages of their Halloween caper, they were standing in the side yard of their target discussing which trees they were going to roll. Before initiating their plan, one of the teenagers asked one last time of the group, “Do you really think we should roll this yard?” In the background, a man’s deep voice, which just by chance belonged to a Union City police officer, responded, “I don’t think that would be a good idea.”
The startled pack let out a collective scream and quickly scampered away without leaving a single piece of tissue in the trees.
Fantasy Football: In a battle of sports goobers and football fanatical nerds, a local group of 18 men competed through a NFL-like draft and played the part of team general managers in the increasingly-popular quasi-sport of fantasy football.
The group was targeted by hecklers in the local community with chants of, “Get a life” and “Look up the word ‘losers’ in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of you guys.”
While the words were hurtful to those of us within the realm of fantasy football nerdery, we soldiered on like millions of other goofballs across the country.
While I will save the other local participants the embarrassment and additional humiliation of naming each of them publicly, I think it is worth noting who was declared the “King of the Clods” after winning the playoffs. In the words of the Hollywood-created sports agent Jerry Maguire, all I can say is, “Show me the money!”
Christmas: It’s not about the gifts — obviously. How do I know? Because I got a windshield cover for my truck.
Actually, I would prefer any gifts intended for me to go to charity anyway. Speaking of which, anyone know one that needs a windshield cover?
New Year’s resolutions: Weight loss? Nope. Tried that; failed that. Quit smoking? Nah. I’d have to start first. Stop procrastinating? Probably not. Maybe in 2012.
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