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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Wednesday, December 29, 2010 8:01 pm

The Press 12/28

To the Editor,

It is very plain to me that in reading Ms. Gallagher’s opinion piece on taxes that she speaks from the heart but not from the facts. Her piece on  sacrifice and the bag of flour to be won in a raffle in Dresden is heart wrenching. Now I do agree with her regarding the maintaining and upkeep of our Veterans Cemeteries, she has to look no further than the Veterans Cemetery in Memphis for that but I doubt she has ever been there. I go usually once a month. My son Capt. Brent Morel USMC is buried there, so my family and others have been waging a continual battle about upgrade and maintenance but that is altogether another matter.  So  don’t speak to me about sacrifice. I know about it first hand from Brent’s death in the war on terror to getting and paying for  my own education without any government assistance.

I will also concede that I do agree on the part of borrowing money from communist China is a bad thing. In lengthy talks with now retiring Rep. John Tanner I remember often and for years he has harped on this matter. In Ms. Gallagher’s article in the paper of Dec. 21, she states that that in letting the Bush tax cuts expire on incomes over $250,000 per year would have ensured that we are all sacrificing to pay for the government we’ve created, not just the poor and middle class. Now before anyone assumes that I fall into that very rich category, I don’t, but I do make a decent living and I pay taxes on that income. I will also repeat because I spent the years sacrificing and paying for my education.

Ms. Gallagher you should ask the government to stop the wasteful spending of all our tax dollars and also look at who receives these benefits. While you are actually looking at the facts maybe you would discover who actually pays for these benefits that the middle and poor receive. In other words, who is actually paying for the spending that our government does with all the entitlement benefits of which I have never received one thin dime?

If you actually took the time to find facts which are readily available you would find that in our tax system that the top one percent of earners pay 40 percent of the taxes and create jobs. The next five percent pay 60 percent of taxes, which are often as I hope you may agree, wasted on entitlement programs. The other 50 percent of Americans account for only three percent of taxes paid, but more often than not, pay no taxes at all. Further reading you find that this 50 percent often get money back through income credits and other entitlement programs. Overall America’s lowest 1/5  earners receive roughly $8.21 per each dollar they may have paid in taxes(if any were paid into the system). Middle class taxpayers received $1.30 from  government programs while the highest taxpayers received $0.41. Between 1.03 trillion and 1.53 trillion is distributed from the highest wage earners to the lowest 60 percent of U.S households. Rhetoric is great is often stimulating but facts speak for themselves. Do some article on government waste. You could spend most of the year on that. So speak in facts and not rhetoric.   

Mike Morel



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