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Deed Transfers

Deed Transfers

Posted: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 12:47 pm

The following deed transfers were filed Dec. 15-21 in the office of Obion County Register of Deeds Vicky Long.
The transfers listed exclude deeds of trust (mortgages on real estate) and any miscellaneous instruments recorded in the register’s office. The list is published in its entirety, without exception, from record books in the register’s office.
Amounts are not shown for true quitclaim deeds, or deeds in which a husband and wife divide property. Deeds conveying property to a state, the federal government or a city are exempt from the state transfer tax.
• Michael Lee Webb, Teresa Diane Webb, Georgia Marie Webb and Kristi Lynn Webb to Alvin Webb and Wanda Webb, quitclaim deed.
• Linda S. Coker to Linda S. Coker and William Y. Coker, Dist. 13, creates tenancy by the entireties.
• James L. Evans and Tara Evans to Michael Shea Freeman, Dist. 15, $48,500.
• Wanda H. Sanders, Marilyn S. Graves and Janice S. Carver to Walter Y. Sellers and Leta P. Sellers, Dist. 9, $170,000.
• Union City Associates to Union City Associates I, L.P., quitclaim deed.
• Jack Parker, executor, to Betty Smith and Hunter Mountjoy, Dist. 1, quitclaim deed.
• Betty Mountjoy Smith to Betty Mountjoy Smith, trustee,  Dist. 1, quitclaim deed.
• Joe Griffith and Timothy Griffith to Roy Griffith and Carolyn Griffith, Dist. 7, quitclaim deed.
• Kathy C. Niebauer, Karen C. Woodruff, Sharon C. Lambdin and Lori C. Seals to Norman E. DeMoulin and Herta DeMoulin, Dist. 10, $30,000.
• Shapiro & Kirsch, LLP, substitute trustee, to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dist. 2, $60,382.43.
• Dale S. Washburn to Craig W. Washburn, Dist. 5, quitclaim deed.
• Eugene Hudgins and Bobby E. Cook, co-executors, to Bobby E. Cook, Donnie M. Cook, Donald J. Hudgins and Jesse N. Hudgins, Dist. 15.
• Dale P. Herman and Joanna K. Herman to Phillip Bynum, Dist. 16, $134,000.
• First State Finance Inc. to Courtney Seals, Dist. 13, $40,000.
• Waldrop Dowdy and Talma G. Dowdy to Charles L. Freeman and Linda L. Freeman, Dist. 7, $27,000.
• Jessee Neal Hudgins, Donald Joe Hudgins, Donnie Mack Cooper and Bobby Ernest Cook to Robert E. McDavid Jr. and Beth McDavid, Dists. 14 and 15, $286,040.
• Robert K. Pardue and Paula K. Pardue to Richard Shane Batts and Johnanne Batts, Dist. 6, $98,500.
• Reelfoot Bank to Larry Mink, Dist. 13, $26,000.
• Dale Frazier and Sandra Frazier to Dale Frazier and Sandra Frazier, Dist. 16, quitclaim deed.
• Minnie Ozell Pair, executrix, to John A. Pair, trustee, Dist. 13.
• The Estate of Billy E. Turner to James T. Brooks, Dist. 7, quitclaim deed.
• SMPO Development, LLC, to Nufish, LLC, quitclaim deed.
• Clytie Brown to Jana Gray, $3,000.
• Brenda Morrow and Laverne McRee to Larry Mink and Cheryl Mink, Dist. 13, $23,000.
• Peggy Adams, formerly Peggy Guthrie Greenway, Thomas Stanford and Johnny Stanford to Larry Mink and Cheryl Mink, Dist. 13, $32,000.

Published in The Messenger 12.22.10

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