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A Crusader’s View

A Crusader’s View

Posted: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 8:01 pm
By: By Jeremy Thayer, Guest Columnist

The Press 12/21

“Christmas Reflections”

Hello once again! As promised, my column this week will not be about politics. It will not be about shocking current events or the latest fads to come out of the dregs of society. It will not even be about the latest bill to surface from the waste-filled depths of Washington’s cesspool. They aren’t worth my time.

What I will write about is something of actual value, “Christmas and why what many Americans celebrate isn’t.” 

It is that grand season of holly, tinsel and retail sales. We once again find ourselves congregating at our regional shopping malls looking for bargains. Or we see those who have embraced the new world, hovering over a computer screen, ready to snag with the greatest of swiftness the latest deal scrolling past our screens. Like a runner at the stock exchange watches the next tick in the market’s momentum or an aged cat carefully stalks its prey. 

Yes, it is a time of hustle and bustle. It is a time where many people find themselves fighting depression and exhaustion. Not because they did not receive something, but rather because they cannot find that one prized item that they wish to give to their loved one on Christmas morn. 

My only suggestion to all of that is check, EBay or Amazon first.But, to bring this column into a different realm other than commercialism, I must tell you that in spite of all this “holiday aggregation and aggravation” that I am bound by “someone greater than you or I,” to tell you that there is a much greater reason why we do it in the first place…or at least why many of us used to.

To tell you the truth, all of the icons of Christmas are meaningless without one ingredient in our eggnog of holiday cheer. Without one element firmly in place, Santa Claus has no value or joy to give. Rudolph’s nose doesn’t shine as a beacon of Christmas hope. Nor does Frosty the Snowman have a “jolly, happy soul” to delight children’s dreams. 

Without this foundation to build your Christmas upon, the bright and sparkling conifer we call a “Christmas tree” is only a tossed roadside eyesore on Dec. 26. The neatly-wrapped packages and bags are just “recyclable materials” ready to be transformed into toilet paper. And, the tradition of the Christmas wreath – just a good ole’ game of ring toss.

No, without one singular part, Christmas is meaningless. To some, the answer to all of that is family. I must say that family is good. But sadly, families are not forever. Many throughout our land will spend Christmas this year mourning rather than celebrating. Please pray for those hurting.

No, to answer what has been seemingly left out in many American Christmas’s this year. That one puzzle piece which is found missing in so many shut-up hearts and locked minds is Jesus Christ. Without Jesus Christ, Christmas would be just another commercial festival, no different than the local fair or a town celebration. Without Jesus, our Christmas trees, wreaths, bells, stars, angels and other common icons of Christmas would be found without meaning, no different than the usual China-made fodder found at the dollar store. Without Jesus, there would be no reason to give of ourselves and give of our time and money, only to give something to others without expecting payment or restitution.  

I tell you without cliché that Jesus truly is the reason for the season. He came as a present, wrapped for the world ready to be ripped apart and his contents given as a free gift to all who would receive it. In closing, I beg of you in spite of your situation this Christmas; whether you are rich on the mountaintop or poor, unemployed and in the valley, please do not forget the true meaning of Christmas this year. 

The gifts this Christmas will be the broken toys and games of next Christmas. Please don’t stress over what you can give or not under your tree this year. Jesus already gave it all for you. 

P.S. His present for you is waiting to be picked up and its already paid for. Isn’t it time you made your way to God’s service desk?  

God Bless you and Merry Christmas!

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