There’s more uses for coffee than just drinking it

There’s more uses for coffee than just drinking it

Posted: Friday, October 8, 2010 8:01 pm

I absolutely love the smell of coffee brewing in the morning.
Recent studies even show that having that cup of joe in the morning can boost one’s metabolism, which is great since I’ve been working out at the gym trying to lose the 50 pounds I’ve managed to gain after my children were born.
There’s only one problem. I hate the taste of coffee.
It all stems back to a childhood sleepover, a bunch of girls, a can of shaving cream and a jar of instant coffee. Lesson No. 1 learned by all little girls at sleepovers — NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be the first person to fall asleep. You’ll wake up with two hands-full of shaving creme and giggling girls standing over you with a feather and tickling your nose. It never happened to me, but I have seen it happen. I did not take part, mind you.
So, at this particular party, while we were trying to stay awake, we got in the pantry and pulled out of the jar of instant coffee. Saying my cup of coffee was a bit strong is being kind. It probably would have held the spoon straight up it was so strong. And no number of spoons full of sugar made it palatable.
Needless to say, I rarely pick up a cup of coffee. Well, OK, I’ll pick up the cup, but just to warm up my hands.
I don’t make a good cup of coffee, either. At least that’s what my husband says. After we married, I tried making his coffee. First, I followed the directions on the coffee can. Then, I used the scoop that came with the coffeemaker and followed the directions which came with the machine. One was too weak, the latter was too strong. I don’t make the coffee in the Ryder household.
Still, I do love the smell of coffee, so maybe I’ll snag my husband’s coffee grounds before they go in the trash and follow these tips offered by CEO Bill McClure.
Use leftover coffee grounds and extra coffee beans for:
Removing odors from your hands — After cooking with certain foods such as garlic or fish, you might have a strong odor on your hands that regular soap won’t remove. Rub a few coffee beans in your hands and the oils being released from the beans will absorb the foul smell.
Kitchen drains — Drains tend to get smelly from having leftover food put down them. Slowly pour a cup of coffee grounds, mixed with boiling water, down the drain and the odor will disappear.
Cleaning around the house — Coffee grounds can be used to clean any stain-resistant surface. They have a mild and gentle element and smell super fresh. This technique is particularly useful for cleaning greasy kitchen surfaces.
Gardening — Adding coffee to the soil used for your plants can be an effective way of helping them thrive. This is best done in small amounts of soil and by simply adding the coffee grounds onto your compost pile.
Freshen your breath — If you’re all out of Altoids, suck on a coffee bean and your mouth and breath will smell clean and fresh.
Just a bit of interesting information for all Tennesseans and Tennesseans at heart — Sunday is a once-in-a-century day just for Tennessee. The date is 10/10/10 — or, more precisely, 10/10/Tennessee!
No other state is so honored on the calendar, and we won’t see this date again for 100 years.
Ron Gordon has established a contest and is offering the date in dollars to 10 special winners — each will earn 10 plus 10 plus 10 dollars ($30). The $300 in prize money will be shared by those who best highlight and promote this special day for Tennessee. 
Some sample ideas he offers: do 10 good deeds, write a special poem, join friends and family in a parade, design some unique art or feature Tennessee in some special photos. “Be creative as you shine a nice light on the great state of Tennessee, and you can win a piece of the prize,” he said.
The deadline to submit your entry is within 10 days of 10/10/Tennessee (Oct. 20). They’ll allow another five days for entries to be received. Entries should be sent to or to Box 5133, Redwood City, CA, 94063. For more information, call him at (650) 364-0652. 
“The simplest way to celebrate 10/10/Tennessee? — just share it with a friend. Greet them with the news of the day and they, in turn, can tell another. It’s kind of like a secret that you can’t help sharing.
“A little math, a little smile, a little fun — that’s 10/10/Tennessee!
“These days are like calendar comets — you wait and wait and wait for them, then they brighten up your day and, poof, they’re gone,” Gordon said.
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