Letters to the WCP Editor – 10.07.10

Letters to the WCP Editor – 10.07.10

Posted: Friday, October 8, 2010 2:13 pm

To the Editor,
As a voter, I have never associated myself with either the Democratic or Republican parties, but as an Independent.
But every election year, you can bet there will be ads that will be ugly and filled with untruths. This year, living in the same hometown as Roy Herron (D), who is running against Stephen Fincher (R), on several occasions met Roy around town and he seemed like a nice guy.
But the ad that Roy has put out has not only surprised me, but also caused me to research the allegations made against Fincher.
First the ad states Mr. Fincher “broke the law” and was “criminal.” Well, if a law was broken, then why was Mr. Fincher not charged? If it was criminal, why is he not on trial?
Roy, I thought being a lawyer, you would have filed charges if a crime was committed.
I went to Roy’s campaign headquarters n town and asked them to provide me with the dates or documents to back up his ad and was told I would have to leave my name and phone number and the person who would know, would call me. I asked for that person’s name and I would call him, they refused to give it to me. Would it be that they don’t exist, possibly?
I then looked on Mr. Fincher’s website to read his response. As I suspected, this was another career politician, smearing his opponent. On Mr. Fincher’s website, he indicated the non-partisan group, factcheck.org found no wrongdoing.
I then went to that website and that there was no “intentional” wrongdoing, so all the allegations made were unfounded.
Then the ad stated that the AP (Associated Press) had printed some articles, so I called them. They stated that the disclosure forms “seemed” questionable, but did not call them criminal or even broke the law, that came from the Herron campaign. I then called the Federal Election Commission in Washington and they sad if anything was wrong, it would be in review, but Mr. Fincher was clear.
Finally, Roy says Mr. Fincher is unworthy of our trust. Well Roy, you are the one making the untruths, so would you be “breaking the law,” by making false allegations?
I urge all 8th Congressional voters, check the facts for yourselves and if you want another Obama/Pelosi “yes man” who has voted along party lines, then vote Herron.
But if you want a true, conservative, someone to fight to keep our rights under the U.S. Constitution the way our founding fathers intended, then help West Tennessee and the 8th District, send a man with common sense ideas to Washington.
We have enough liberal Dems bankrupting our country already. I’ll vote Republican this year!
Richard Lyon

To the Editor,
A special thank you is extended to the following entities for making this year’s Airport Extravaganza a success. To the City of Martin, Weakley County and surrounding areas, Martin Public Works, Rolling Thunder® TN Chapter VI, the Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Chi Fraternities of UT Marin, thank you for your recent support of the 2010 Airport Extravaganza which boasts an estimated 2,000 in attendance.
Families coming from near and far including Metropolis, Ill. and even relatives visiting from as far away as Seattle, all enjoyed a day at the airport and took home with them a bit of Northwest Tennessee.  
The Airport Extravaganza has evolved from a festival event to an actual Air Show.  It is organized as an event that provides community entertainment, celebrations of patriotism and aviation awareness.  With a history of supporting charities and benefiting the community, the Airport Extravaganza provides financial benefits and recognition to non-profit organizations and charities in Northwest Tennessee.
The Air Show promotes regionalism and supports local businesses, hotels, restaurants, and other special events.
All performers and Air Show guests are placed in local hotels and visit many of our local restaurants, and area businesses during their stay with us. Special activities for the Air Show performers and guests are planned in our own community.

We bring family and friends together to salute aviation and honor those who honor our freedom. Thank you for doing your part each year to support this special weekend and for making the sacrifices necessary to ensure the Airport Extravaganza’s great success in benefiting the community.
We have begun planning next year’s event and look forward to seeing you on Sept. 11, 2011 for a very special Airport Extravaganza!
Jo Ann Speer, Manager
Everett-Stewart Regional Airport

To the Editor,
I was pleased to see that Tanner has called for full disclosure of Stephen Fincher’s questionable bank loan. Fincher lists no assets on his election financial forms. He lists no checking or savings accounts even though it’s difficult to believe anyone in this day and age has neither. The question is a valid one.
How can someone with no assets qualify for a $250,000 loan? How can anyone without a checking account qualify for any type of loan?
Predictably, Fincher’s campaign is accusing the Democrats of smear tactics for simply asking for answers. They state factcheck.org is an unbiased internet site which exonerates Fincher’s financial records. This is not true. Go to factcheck.org and do a search for either Fincher or Herron. You will find there is an issue that comes up, but it has nothing to do with Fincher’s financial misconduct.
Instead of addressing these issues, the Fincher campaign uses this as an excuse not to debate Herron. How can Fincher be effective as a congressman if he won’t even stand up to his accuser in a public forum? I believe this is merely an excuse to not debate Herron, for Fincher is totally unqualified.
Kenneth J. Johnson

WCP 10.07.10

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