Janes discusses issues on UT Martin campus

Janes discusses issues on UT Martin campus
Janes discusses issues on UT Martin campus | Donn Janes, 8th Congressional District

MEETING OF THE MINDS – UT Martin faculty member Mike McCullough (left) spent some time with 8th Congressional District Independent candidate Donn Janes Thursday while Janes was on the UTM campus sharing his views on the issues.

U.S. Navy veteran and 8th Congressional District Independent candidate Donn Janes let it be known where he stood on the issues when he visited the University of Tennessee at Martin campus on Thursday.

Janes of Brighton said he chose to run for Congress because he wanted his children and grandchildren to have a better future.
The computer consultant shared that he was tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, so he opted to run as an Independent candidate.
“It’s time that we the people become the special interest groups that the government should listen to,” Janes said.
Janes said on the issues that he is advocating for establishing political term limits and stop electing representatives based on how “much money they can erase.”
“We need to limit the size and scope of the federal government and give power back to the states,” the candidate added.
When asked if Janes would support the continuation of the federal stimulus funds for higher education, he answered that the goal of the stimulus was to create jobs, but the job creation cost a significant amount of money.
“My problem is that we are borrowing money from citizens. We should bring back the free market to create jobs and convince the private sector to invest in the market,” Janes replied.
A UTM faculty member asked if Janes would engage the “other side” to find resolve on the issues.
“As a veteran, you understand what it means to serve your country above yourself.
I would be sitting in the aisle and arguing with both sides to engage a debate so that everyone knew all parts of the issue,” Janes responded.
“How do we get people back to work?” a community member asked.
“I would vote to extend the Bush tax cuts for two years. I would also push the Fair Tax, which would repeal the 16th Amendment. The Fair Tax taxes consumption – what you take, not what you make,” Janes answered.
After the question and answer session, Janes said he will officially hit the campaign trail in the next couple of weeks and that working full-time prohibited his time on the road.
The candidate said all of his campaign efforts thus far have been trough the help of grassroots volunteers.
He said he is hoping for an opportunity to debate the other 8th Congressional District candidates – Republican Stephen Fincher and Democrat Roy Herron.
With the recent announcement by Fincher that he apparently would not debate Herron, Janes said a “debate is the right thing to do.”
“The way that I see it, this is a job interview. I can’t refuse to be interviewed for a job that I am interested in. If I was looking to hire someone and they refused a job interview, I wouldn’t consider hiring that person for the job,” Janes added.

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