Retreiver tests slated for Oct. 2-3

Retreiver tests slated for Oct. 2-3
Retreiver tests slated for Oct. 2-3 | Tennessee Hunting River Retriever Club

The Tennessee River Hunting Retriever Club will host its annual fall hunt test next Saturday and Sunday.
The event will take place at Final Flight Outfitters between Union City and Martin. A regular licensed hunt is considered a UKC regular licensed event hosted by an approved UKC/HRC Club. All three categories (Started, Seasoned and Finished) must be offered at every regular licensed hunt other than the International Grand Hunt.
The three categories will be run simultaneously. These tests range from the Started Hunt Test, which is the least complex in testing; to the Seasoned, a slightly more difficult category; to the Finished Hunt Test, which is considered by far the most demanding of these three tests.
The Finished category requires the hunting retriever to prove ability, skill, natural instinct, tenacity and control.
An Upland Test in conjunction with Tennessee River, the Deer River HRC of Jackson, will also take place Oct. 2 and 3 at Quail Haven on Hwy. 51 in Union City. The Upland Game Test shall consist of a simulated walk-up hunt, a quartering test, and an optional tracking test.
The Upland hunting dog must be steady to wing and shot. Honoring of another dog is required. During this test the dog will be required to locate and retrieve game, as the judges direct.
The chairperson for the fall hunt test is James Couch. Contact him at (731) 669-3330 or the hunt secretary, Ann Pennell at (731)286-6208, email
Contact Jim Bryant at (731) 664-1578, email for information regarding the Upland Test. The secretary is Shirley Simmons, (731) 267-1909, or by email at
Reasonable silence, good manners and sportsmanlike conduct are required of all spectators.  
Spectators shall not have on white or light colored attire that might interfere with a dog’s performance.

WCP 9.23.10

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