Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 8:01 pm

Was column
To The Editor:
In her column in your newspaper last week, Glenda Caudle waxed strongly about her right of free speech. Hooray for her. We all need to stand up for our freedoms. However, in her same column she states that while Muslims have a right to practice their religion, under certain circumstances they should use restraint such as in building a mosque in New York City near Ground Zero.
Mrs. Caudle stresses that just because we have a right, it does not mean we should exercise it under certain circumstances. She is right. One should always reflect upon what will be the consequences of exercising our cherished freedoms. As a Supreme Court justice once stated: Free speech does not give you the right to shout “fire” in a crowded theater.
What bothers me about Mrs. Caudle article is that not only is she a newspaper professional but a member of the Union City School Board. We have Muslim children in our school system. Some of their parents are professional persons in the community who provide valuable human services and make Union City a safer and more progressive community. I am afraid if I were one of them I might find Mrs. Caudle’s article offensive.
Union City is located near a modern university with students from many countries. Our city has a growing array of medical services staffed by physicians from various countries. Our Hispanic population is increasing. So far we have been able to absorb these elements in a peaceful and open fashion.
Yes, Mrs. Caudle had the right to write her column but I wonder if it was that necessary. New York City is a long way from here. I imagine the people there will work out their problems without our help. What is more important is that we live our lives within our own community so that tolerance and understanding are appreciated and endorsed by all.
Richard Chesteen
Union City
Unfair trade
killing recovery

To The Editor:
Unfair trade is killing the American recovery. Countries like China and Indonesia are using currency manipulation, illegal logging, and other subsidies that foreign economies use to cheat that give them an unfair advantage that American companies cannot compete with. We cannot recover from this recession until we start protecting American jobs.
We have fought China in steel, rubber and now, paper; when will this stop. It will keep going until there are no jobs left to take. Please call or write your U.S. congressman or U.S. senator and tell them to support the International Trade Commission, ITC, ruling that will take place in November. Let us take a stand. It could be your job, next.
Dale Carroll
Elected officials
need reminder

To The Editor:
It’s the economy and some folks just don’t get it. Unemployment figures are sky high and we have candidates actually campaigning on the agenda of not closing the tax credit to companies that shut down our manufacturing base and ship the jobs off shore to countries like China.
How many jobs must we lose before the people of this great nation say enough and start electing people that represent us. Paper is the latest battlefield industry our country’s leadership has determined to send off-shore and we need to write letters to our elected officials and if our elected officials don’t act in our interest and stop this, then, un-elect them.
Ricky Waggoner

Many questions
need answering

To The Editor:
In a recent edition of The Messenger, I read the article on the NYC mosque debate with interest. I’m convinced this topic will be debated for a long time until some very pertinent questions are asked and seriously answered. There was also a comparison in this article that was rather ludicrous. Comparing immigration of today with that in the 1800s, is a stretch.
I have read several articles on Islam, political Islam, Sharia Law and women’s rights under this law. I have read the Five Pillars they believe in and found them to be goals that are very reasonable. I did not find the Sharia Law that way.
Considering the fact that the Crusades, from the 11th to the 13th centuries, were initiated to retake the Holy Land from the Muslims, is it unreasonable to believe that some animosity still exists today?
Now, for some thought-provoking questions.
Why would Muslims want to move to a Christian country when they consider us the infidels and they do not allow any Christian churches to be built in their country?
Why is it prohibited for a Muslim to convert to Christianity? In some cases it calls for the death sentence.
Why is it that a Christian cannot enter a mosque?
What are the chances that Muslim immigrants would ever assimilate into our society?
Why is it so important to build a mosque near ground zero, especially when a Christian church that was destroyed there cannot be rebuilt?
How many past immigrants were able to bring their laws with them? I don’t mean traditions, I mean laws.
Why is it there is never any outcry or rage from American Muslims when atrocities are committed against our citizens?
Is there really any difference between a radical Muslim and an average Muslim, because it certainly is not obvious when they are viewed on TV rioting over smaller issues?
This is just a sample of some of the questions that I feel need to be answered in order to make an educated decision, rather than an emotional one, as to their motives and sincerity.
Gary Spence

Published in The Messenge 9.22.10

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